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    Taller list of targets in a targeted action

    In This Article:

      The list of targets on an action sometimes does not scale to your website template. It works great for a single Senator or for a couple of Members of the House, but putting more targets in the list makes it into a scrollable region (see below). This article suggests some script that can expand the box of targets.



      Changing the height of the targets area itself can be done by using a little CSS.  However, a huge gap appears between the letter contents and the supporter information in the left column.


      To get around that, we'll use some Javascript to move the supporter information up under the letter content.



      Use these steps to install the proper Javascript:

      If you like what you see, then you can add this script to your action using these steps:

      1. Edit the action.
      2. Locate the "Footer" field.
      3. Click on the "Source" button to make the HTML view appear.
      4. Click here to see the page where the solution lives.
      5. Locate and click the "Raw" button.  A new window will appear that contains just the solution.
      6. Copy the window and close it.
      7. Return to the action editor.
      8. Place the cursor after all of the other content in the "Footer" field.  Or at the top if there's no other content.
      9. Paste the copied text into the "Footer" field.
      10. Save the action.
      11. Test!


       The solution makes the list of legislators pretty tall.  That can lead to some unwanted whitespace between the submit button the the bottom of your template.  You can fix that by changing the height in the solution's CSS.  

      1. Edit the action.
      2. Locate the "Footer" field.
      3. Click on the "Source" button to make the HTML view appear.
      4. Look for "max-height" in the Source.  (See the screenshot after these steps.)
      5. If you need more space, then change "1200" to a larger number. 
      6. if you need less space, then change "1200" to a smaller number (like 1000 or 900).
      7. Be sure to change just the number!
      8. Save the action.
      9. Test!



      If you have any questions, then please gather this information.

      • Your organization_KEY
      • Your chapter_KEY if you are in a chapter
      • The URL of the action that you're working on.
      • A screenshot of the page.

      Send this information to, and we'll be glad to help

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