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    Configuration: Group/Smart Group

    In This Article:

      A group is a static collection of constituents that meet certain criteria. A smart group is a collection of constituents defined by query and periodically updated automatically. When new constituents meet the criteria of a smart group, they are added to the smart group automatically when Salsa CRM updates twice daily.

      The Group configuration tab enables you to add groups, including Smart Groups, that can then be used to organize constituents and supporters.

      Check out the Group training course in Salsa Scholars.

      Create a New Group or Smart Group

      1. Click Manage > Configuration.
      2. Click the Groups tab at the left of the screen.
      3. Click the Add... button at the bottom right of the window. The Create Group window appears.
      4. Enter the new group name in the text box.
      5. If you want to synchronize the new group with Salsa Engage, click the checkbox next to Synchronize with Salsa Engage Group.
      6. If you want this group to be a update twice a day on a continuing basis, click Smart Group. A list of available groups will open. Select a group and then click OK. If the group is already a Smart Group, it will remain a Smart Group. If it is not a Smart Group, it will be converted into a Smart Group and be updated twice daily. If your group is synchronized with Salsa Engage, Salsa Engage will be updated every time the Smart Group is updated.
      7. Click OK. You can find the group in the table of groups.

      Alternately, to create a smart group, you can use the Create a Smart Group option at the end of the Advanced Query Wizard: Global Update... > Create a Smart Group

      When a group listed in Salsa CRM is synchronized with Salsa Engage, the Salsa symbol appears to the left of the group name in Salsa CRM.

      The same group will appear in Salsa Engage. Go to Supporters (left side), then click the Groups tab, scroll down to click the CRM tab. The group will be listed.                                                                

      Note:  If you have created a group, have added constituents, but it hasn’t synchronized with Salsa Engage, you may need to re-request the synchronization. To do so, go to Salsa CRM > Manage > Constituents. Under Constituent Groups, click the group name and then click Edit. Then, click the check box next to Synchronize with Salsa Engage, and click OK.

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