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    Haven't opened an email in a year

    In This Article:

      One common Query is one to locate supporter records which have been around for at least a year but haven't opened an email in the last year.  We'll build that one here.

      This Query consists of two conditions, separated by an OR. It returns supporters matching the first box OR ones matching the second box.  Both conditions start off by specifying that we only want to consider supporter records that have been around at least a year.

      The second condition in each box actually determines the email statistics we're interested in.  In the first box, we locate supporter records which have a Last Open prior to one year ago.  This particular Query was built on 2017-07-17, so a date of 2016-07-17 (one year backdated) was used.  In the second box, we locate supporter records which don't have a Last Open at all (they haven't opened anything).


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