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    Import Keycode and Finder Files

    In This Article:

      Keycode and Finder files are used for traditional appeal marketing through mailings via the USPS.

      In order to import these files, you will need to be sure you have the Solicitation Finder File data-related permissions assigned to your role in Salsa CRM.      

      TIP: As you will be setting Funds, Campaigns, and Appeals for these mailings, you will want to be sure to set up the necessary Funds, Campaigns, and Appeals prior to doing this.

      1. To import your Keycode and Finder Files into Salsa CRM, click Manage >Solicitation from the Main Menu. The Solicitation screen opens to the KeycodFiles tab.
      2. Click the Add... button. The Add KeycodFiles pop-up window appears.
      3. Click the Browse button to find the file you wish to import. Once you've selected the file, enter a File Description, and then click Save. Your Keycode File will be listed in Salsa Engage.
      4. Click Close to return to the Keykide Files tab.
      5. Highlight the file name, and then click the Edit Mappings... button at the bottom of the screen. This sets the funds, campaigns, and appeals for the mailing information contained within this Keycode File.
      6. The Keycode Maintenance screen opens. Highlight the mailing for which you wish to set the corresponding funds, campaigns and appeals and double-click on the mailing name.
      7. The Edit Keycodes pop-up window appears. Here you are able to select the corresponding Fund, Campaign, and Appeal for the mailing associated with this particular Keycode, T11A11YL. Make your selections, then click Save. The Fund, Campaign, and Appeal that you mapped for this mailing appear on the Keycode Maintenance screen.
      8. Click the Add... button at the bottom of the screen to set the proper mappings for multiple mailings at one time. The Copy Template Keycode pop-up window appears. Here you are able to select the Fund, Campaign and Appeal and, if appropriate, edit the Display Description.
      9. Using your mouse and CTRL key, you can select all of the mailings that should have this information applied to them. This way, when you receive a mailing response, when you scan the barcode, DonorPro will apply these items for you.
      10. After you have selected all of the corresponding mailings, the Fund, Campaign, and Appeal information will populate. Click OK to close the window.
      11. Next, you will want to import the Finder File. Click the Finder File tab, and then click the Add... button. The Add Finder Files dialog box opens.
      12. On the Add Finder Files pop-up, click the Import button and find the file on your system.
      13. Enter a File Description, and then click Save.
      14. The Finder File is imported into Salsa Engage 50 records at a time. You can see this at the bottom of the screen.
      15. Now you are ready to enter donations received in the mail.
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