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    Accepting Anonymous Donations

    In This Article:

      Donations in Salsa are, for all intents and purposes, anonymous since we do not publish any of the donor information.

      If your supporters are wishing to submit donations, but to be left off any sort of publication or public "Thank you" list your organization creates, then a simple Yes/No custom field with a label like "Would you like to donate anonymously?" would be good, because you can search for people who have selected 'Yes' for that custom field, and exclude them from those sorts of public documents. If they're wanting to submit a donation and truly have their information be anonymous to your organization, there is no way to do that in Salsa. We require a certain amount of information in order to accept and process donations, and in submitting that information, it will be added to your Salsa account as a supporter record, and there will be a donation record associated with that supporter record.

      Custom fields on the donation database table can be created using these steps.

      1. Navigate to the "Manage Custom Fields" topic in "Supporter Management" (
      2. Click on the left-arrow in the menu (
      3. The next page shows the kinds of custom fields that Salsa can create.
      4. Select "donation records" from the bottom list (
      5. You'll be prompted with a list of custom donation fields (
      6. The donation custom fields are managed from the field list page in the same way that supporter custom fields are managed.

      Please note that the donation custom fields are not implemented at the same capability level as supporter custom fields. We've asked our developers for the full capabilities to be added, and that effort is in progress. Until that effort is done, donation custom fields have some restrictions.

      • At the moment, you cannot query on donation custom fields in the query tool. You can however filter by them in the "List donations" page.
      • Donation custom fields can be exported and reported on by including the "donation" table when making a custom report.
      • Donation custom fields cannot be imported.
      • Donation custom fields can only be populated by a public-facing donation or custom content page. They cannot be populated using the "Enter Donations" page in Salsa HQ.

      If these restrictions make donation custom fields unworkable for your use, then you may want to consider storing the extra data in supporter custom fields.

      Please note that these fields are part of the supporter record and are overwritten every time a new page containing those fields is submitted. If, for example, someone makes two donations, then he information saved from the first donation will be overwritten when the second donation is submitted.

      Another option is to use one of the unused fields in donation records:

      • Tracking_Code
      • Donation_Tracking_Code
      • Designation_Code
      • Note
      • VARCHAR0
      • VARCHAR1
      • VARCHAR2

      Using custom HTML or scripts on your donation pages you can change the labels for these fields to display a name that would be more accurate for public consumption. The following documentation outlines a solution for Designation_Code, but can be used for the others as well:

      Here is an example of a checkbox HTML:

      <input type="checkbox" id="Anonymous" name="anonymous" />  <label for="Anonymous">Keep my Donation Anonymous</label>

      If the supporter checks this checkbox the donation record will mark a 1 for the custom field anonymous, which can be seen with a report or by clicking the private donation summary in a donation record. The name for the HTML code is the API name of the custom field:

      You will also want to check the custom field for the donation page as well:

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