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    Copied event auto-responder edits original event's auto-responder

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      You've copied an event.  Then, you've made edits to the new event's auto-responder.  These edits are also being reflected in the original event's auto-responder.


      Auto-responders have unique keys identifying them.  When you copy an event, the new event references the same auto-responder keys as the original.  Copying an event will not automatically create new auto-responders (with new keys).  This is the reason for the above problem.

      Philosophically, one could argue that it should create new auto-responders when copying an event.  Others could argue that they want to use the same auto-responders since the event is a copy.  Since it's personal preference, the solution is really just education on how it's working and how to proceed if you do indeed want new auto-responders for the new event.

      If you'd like to have new, separate auto-responders for the new event copy, you'll need to delete the old auto-responders currently assigned to the new event.  Then, create new ones for the new event.

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