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    Adding an Engage Activity Form to a Facebook Page

    In This Article:

      Convert visitors to your organization’s Facebook Page into supporters by embedding an Engage Activity form. Before you get started, you'll need... 

      • An Engage activity form or the ability to create one.
      • Administrative access to your organization’s Facebook Page.


      1. Log into the Facebook account where you have administrative access to your organization’s Facebook page.
      2. From the top navigation bar in Facebook, click on the down arrow and select the organization page that you would like to manage.
      3. You will need to use a third-party application in order to embed static HTML into a Facebook Page tab. Here, we have used the popular app, Thunderpenny, but you can find alternatives. Just search for Static HTML in Facebook.
      4. Click Use App to install and begin using the Static HTML application.
      5. Click Add Static HTML to a Page to get started.
      6. In the dropdown menu, select the Facebook page to which you would like to add the Engage activity form.
      7. If you don’t see your page in the list, it is likely because that page already has the maximum 12 tabs that Facebook allows. You’ll have to delete an existing tab from your page to proceed.
      8. Click Add Page tab. Facebook will probably choose some arbitrary defaults, but we will be changing them.
      9. Back on your Facebook Page, click Settings in the upper right of the navbar, and then click on Edit Page.
      10. Scroll down to your newly added tab in the list, and click Settings.
      11. In the box that opens, click Edit Settings.
      12. Type in a name that makes sense and click Save and Okay.
      13. Back up in the top navbar, on the left, click Page to return to your Page.
      14. Click on the name of your newly added and renamed tab, then click on Edit tab.
      15. You’ll be directed to the Static HTML app dashboard, where we will add the code to embed an Engage activity form.
      16. Log into Engage and navigate to the Published Details step of the Activity form that you would like to embed in your Facebook Page. Copy the URL of the page from Engage.
      17. Back in the Static HTML dashboard, paste your Engage form’s URL into this line of code:
        <iframe src="PASTE-YOUR-URL-HERE" style="height:1300px; width:100%;"></iframe>
      18. You can click Preview to make sure that everything is working correctly. If you like, you can go back to the Compose step of the Engage workflow to tweak the look and feel of your form.
      19. Click Save and Publish to complete the process.
      20. Back on your Facebook Page, click on your new tab. You should see your Engage form right there, in line! Supporters who complete this form will be stored in your Engage database, just like any Engage activity form.
      21. You can share the direct link to your tab using the link provided here:
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