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    Hide Middle Name on Additional fields step in an Action

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      When a supporter submits an action to a legislator it does so through the legislator's webform. When a webform has required fields that are not filled in by the User Information in the Action, additional fields will be requested by the legislator.

      Salsa has no control over what fields the legislators require in order to submit the action. Some legislators will ask for a Middle Name.


      This guide will show you how to hide the Middle Name field using a Web Template. This script will automatically give the Middle Name field a value of a single space. Once you apply this solution to a particular Web Template, the Middle Name field will never display on an action pages additional fields step that use the modified Web Template.

      Note: This will not hide the Middle Initial supporter field when it is added to the User Information. This only hides the Middle Name field when requested by a legislator's webform.


      This section describes a way to choose which pages will have the Middle Name field hidden when requested by a legislator's webform.  Any pages that don't match the configuration will still have the Middle Name field appear. Here are some steps that you can use.

      1. Edit the template for the pages where you want the Middle Name field not to appear
      2. Locate the </body> tag using the browser's search tool.
      3. Add a blank line just before the </body> tag
      4. Click here to see the page where the solution lives.
      5. Click on the "Raw" button.  A window with just the solution will appear.
      6. Copy the contents of the window and close it.
      7. Return to the template editor.
      8. Paste the contents into the newly inserted line in the template.
      9. Save the template.
      10. Test!


      If you have any questions, please collection this information:

      Send this information to, and we'll be glad to help.

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