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      Salsa Labs has not been DemocracyInAction for a number of years. But after February 3, it's really, really not going to be DemocracyInAction.

      It would be a good idea for you to take a quick look before that date at your links to confirm that you're not directing traffic to any addresses.

      Despite our shift in corporate branding, there were countless legacy urls already referencing the domain. You've probably noticed that we've been gradually transitioning many of the old urls. We've also been encouraging Salsa users to update any old links that they have that point at a url.

      Consider this a persuasive encouragement:

      Monday, February 3 is a hard cutoff for the domain.

      We will be fully deactivating urls on that date. Any old links that point to a url will be directed to an error page. You definitely don't want your donors to see that.

      Endangered Lynx

      Hopefully, you've already done most or all of the updating that occasion would demand as we've transitioned urls over the past couple of years. Still, it has been possible to get away with continuing to use uncorrected links even though they've been officially deprecated. No longer!

      What you should do right away to make sure any new supporters, prospective donors, or others clicking through to a Salsa page don't encounter a big 'ol error:

      • First and foremost, check any non-Salsa pages you control that link to Salsa resources -- for instance, Donate or Take Action links on your home page. If any of those link to a url containing, just log into your Salsa headquarters, find the page in question, and grab its new public-facing url to update your link. Don't forget about microsites, social media pages, and other spots where you might be generating traffic besides your home page.
      • Second, check any non-Salsa pages you control for external signup forms (e.g., "enter your email here to join our mailing list!") whose HTML form action references, or which redirect to a page. Update that form action to reference the top-level domain url (e.g., that you see in the taskbar of your browser when you log into the Salsa back end.
      • Third, double-check any Salsa templates. We've actually executed updated template links for you en masse via a server-side script. But you'll want to confirm that your template's navigation or sidebar links are pointing to addresses.

      Aaargh! I hit the error page!

      If you do encounter the error page after February 3, it will look like this. Don't panic!

      You should be able to update the link: again, just log into your Salsa headquarters, find the page in question, and grab its new public-facing url to update your link.

      If you're confused about how to update a page or not sure why you're seeing an error message, just drop us a note at We'll be happy to help you sort it out!

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