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    Using the Salsa Network to Drive Success

    In This Article:

      A reminder of the power of collective action emerged from our review of 2012 client victories. Most of the clients worked with other nonprofits to leverage their people power, share resources and avoid duplicating efforts. Many of them also worked with our partners who provided services such as web design, paid list growth or click-to-call.

      With nearly 2,000 progressive nonprofits and 200 partners, there’s tremendous potential in the Salsa community. Salsa is more than a technology solution - it’s a network.

      Here are a few ways we can help your campaign:

      Find New Allies: If you’re looking to broaden your campaign reach and find new organizations in your coalition, working group, as a partner or non-traditional allie, there’s a good chance we can help. For example, perhaps you’re looking to find animal rights groups in Florida, or health organizations for a campaign? Just let us know and we’ll try to make a match.

      Sign-on Letters: Think about posting your request to Salsa Commons or contacting us directly when looking for organizations include on your sign-on to your letters. We’d be happy to help you also spread the word on FB/Twitter. In most cases, Salsa Labs would also welcome signing on to letters that support progressive policy.

      Cross-promotions: An effective and free way to grow your base of support is to cross-promote a call to action with another like-minded organization. We can help you identify possible matches who are Salsa clients and offer best practices tips, even if it’s not with a Salsa client. We also recommend using paid opt-in service partners - LeftAction, Care2 and - when you have a particularly compeling theory of change in your action.

      Days of Action: Have an event coming up you that you’d like to promote? Again, we can help you get out the word to key clients, post on FB/Twitter and may get our staff involved.  Here’s a pic of our staff on Purple Thursday which was organized by DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Account manager Amanda Foster also attended the largest climate rally in history and updated Salsa blog readers.

      Let Us Promote Your Victories: Successes are hard to come by, so when you have a victory, let us know! We’d be happy to report about it or you can submit your own article. If Salsa played a key role in your victory, we could even issue joint press
      release or create a success story to share with other organizations and clients. Here’s another article Amanda wrote about the Environmental Working Group as an example, or view the case studies section of our website for more.

      Share and Find Events: Did you know that you can see what events Salsa clients are organizing nationwide?  This sharing feature is baked right in to Salsa’s event tools -

      Hope this helps you tap into the power of the Salsa Network!

      Jeanette Russell
      Organizing Director
      jnet at

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