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    Manage Replies

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      When to use it

      Communication between you and your supporters is a two-way street--you can send email to supporters, but it's important that they have some way to respond as well. The email address that you enter into the Reply-To field of an email blast is where supporters send you replies:


      This tool enables a POP/IMAP/Webmail accessible mailbox for that purpose.

      How to get there

      Please get in touch with Salsa Support to set up a reply manager mailbox.

      Once you've requested the reply manager mailbox and it's been set up, you can access the reply manager by opening the Email package and clicking Manage Replies.


      Using your reply manager address

      Once you've requested a Reply Manager mailbox and the initial information has been provided by Salsa support, here are a few important things to remember:

      1. Clicking the link under the Via Webmail heading in the manage replies page in your HQ will open a new window. To access your reply manager inbox via Webmail, enter the full email address and password you received when you set up your account, and click the Login button.
      2. The total capacity of the reply manager account is 100MB (you may need to periodically clear out your inbox to avoid that cap). 
      3. Use your configured Reply Manager email account, use it in the From and Reply To fields of all Salsa emails you create
      4. Once you've configured your reply manager email account, make sure you use it as the From: and Reply-To: values when creating email blasts.
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