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    Blast Archives and 'View email as a webpage' feature

    In This Article:


      When to use it

      Use this feature in order to:

      1. Share a list of archived email blasts
      2. Create a "view this email as a webpage" link for your email blasts

      How to get there

      When creating or editing an email, check the Add to web page checkbox on the Send Options tab to add a blast to the page. For instructions about how to publish the page (on which the list of archived email blasts will be available), see below.

      Manage Your Email Blast Archive

      Clicking the above noted checkbox will add a particular blast to your Email Blast Archive. To further manage the Email Blast Archive, click Blast Archives in the Tools menu of the Email Package.



      By default, your blast archive page:

      • Automatically uses your default website template
      • Lists any email blasts for which you've checked the "Add to web page" option.

      You can change which emails will be displayed on the blast archive page.

      • Display to User: Click this checkbox to display this email blast on the public archives list. Unchecking the checkbox ensures it does not display in the list, but leaves the blast detail enabled.
      • Disable Blast: Checking this checkbox disables the public version of the email blast (as shown), but does not remove it from the list. Be sure to unclick the Display to User checkbox before you click this one.


      • Remove: Clicking this link removes the email blast from your regular email blast list. It will remain only in the email blast archives list



      At the top of the page, you will also find the URL of the public archive page.


      Publish Your Blast Archive Page

      Publish this page the same way you would any other Salsa page. Copy the URL of the blast archive and distribute it to your supporters:

      • Email the link to supporters
      • Create a navigation item or house ad on your organizations website which links to this URL

      Add a "view this email as a webpage" link

      By using the Blast Archives link, you can make a small edit to create a webpage version of your email blast.

      1. Copy the link above. (Do this in your actual account, not from the screenshot. This link will be different depending on which Salsa server you're on.)
      2. Add the following to the end of the link: ?email_blast_KEY=[[email_blast_KEY]]
      3. Place this link in your email blast, or insert it permanently into your email template(s).

      After sending your email blast, Salsa will automatically fill in the Merge Field for [[email_blast_KEY]], so the final link will go directly to the webpage version of your email.

      Why doesn't the link work before I send the email?

      Unfortunately, you can't get the URL link for the webpage version of your email before you actually send the email. When you follow the instructions above, you insert a merge field URL to your email blast which will correctly link to the webpage version once you do send it. The format is as below: 


      So a real-world example of what you would link to in your email blast would look like this:[[email_blast_KEY]]

      After sending your email blast, the above link might look like:


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      • Is there any way to make this the default instead of an option?

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      • Hello there,

        My apologies for the delay in response to your inquiry.  Unfortunately, this feature is an optional feature since not all users would like to publish their archived email blasts.  Generally speaking, publishing content is always a manual process to ensure that content is not published incorrectly.

        Best regards,


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      • HI:


        I have gone through the steps specified above.  And when I click the view e-mail as webpage link it does take me to the salsa blasts page on our website:


        But no content appears.  As I understand it  that should generate dynamically.  It isn't.  How can I rectify this?



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      • Is there a way to check on the Display_To_User setting on the email_blast object to see if we need to display the "view as webpage" link in the email template?

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