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    Unsubscribe Pages

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      When to use it

      Unsubscribe pages allow your supporters to opt out of a list they had previously joined.

      Your terms of service (and the law) require you to offer a valid unsubscribe mechanism to your mailing recipients. Complying with this requirement helps us to ensure the deliverability of your email blasts!

      You have two principal options for configuring an unsubscribe page for your users. These options are not mutually exclusive: you can use different pages and different unsubscribe paths for different list segments or situations.

      Default Unsubscribe Pages

      Simpler to employ, but offering fewer options for customization. When your supporters unsubscribe using the Default Unsubscribe Page, they are updating their Receive Email value so that they will never receive any email from you again.
      This solution is only recommended for organizations who are managing one email list (with no segments)

      Custom Unsubscribe Pages

      These pages allow you to customize the user messaging you provide on your unsubscribe pages, as well as to specify exact lists (Salsa Groups and/or Tags and/or Chapters) that the user can opt out of on that page.
      This solution is recommended for organizations who are managing multiple email lists and supporter segments.

      How to get there

      The link to your Default Unsubscribe Form can be found in the Useful Links widget on your main dashboard.


      You can create Custom Unsubscribe Forms in the Email Blast package.


      Default Unsubscribe Page

      Every Salsa-using organization has a default unsubscribe URL. You can find your default unsubscribe page in the "useful links" sticky on your dashboard. If you use the default unsubscribe page, supporters will follow three steps to unsubscribe:
      1) Click the unsubscribe link in an email.
      2) Supporter enters the email address which should be unsubscribed.
      3) Supporter receives a confirmation email with a link.
      4) Supporter clicks the link and is taken to an unsubscribe form with only one option.

      When the supporter unsubscribes from "Everything" through this process, he or she is setting their Receive_Email value to unsubscribed. You can add groups to this page using the Display to User field (in the Manage Groups tool). However, it's much easier to manage lists in the Custom Unsubscribe Pages.


      Custom Unsubscribe Pages

      Custom Unsubscribe Pages allow your supporters to have more granular control over how they want to hear from you (rather than just blocking your emails altogether). Once you set up a custom unsubscribe page, it will look something like this.


      Custom Unsubscribe Pages: Page Content

      This tab allows you to customize the presentation of the unsubscribe page.

      Your custom unsubscribe page URL

      At the top of the page, you'll see the properly formatted link for use in your emails.


      Just copy and paste this URL into your email template and your unsubscribe statistics will be tracked in your email blast statistics.


      Reference Name: This field is a reference that will appear internally within your Salsa headquarters for identification purposes, and will not be shown to your supporters.

      Title:  This field creates the "headline" in large text at the top of the page the end-user will see.  Typically, this would be used to describe the page's contents or as an urge-to-action banner.

      Header:  This text appears just below the title, and should explain to your supporters what the page is for and why they should take action. 

      Footer:  The page footer text displays below the form fields requested of end users visiting the page, and is generally used for either additional explanatory text about the page or identity information about your organization.

      Redirect Path:  Enter a URL where your supporters will be taken after completing the page. This could be your homepage, an action page, or any location you choose.


      Custom Unsubscribe Pages:  Options


      The Options tab allows you to customize how your supporters are unsubscribing, and from what.

      Hide ability for supporters to remove themselves from the list entirely

      The "remove from list entirely" option allows supporters to change their Receive_Email value to "unsubscribed." This means they won't receive any emails you send them - ever.


      If you prefer for users to only have the option of removing their record from a particular list, you can hide this ability. To maintain good standing with spam lists, Salsa will force display of this option if the supporter does not belong to any of the included groups/tags/chapters.


      List Management

      Supporter lists (or segments) can be managed in several different ways and you may use one or more than one of these options to organize your supporters. However your organize your supporters into segments/lists, you can use these tools to allow them to unsubscribe only from certain types of correspondence.

      To select multiple items in the list, hold the "Control" button (if using a PC) or the "Command" button (if using a Mac) while clicking the list titles.

      Chapters to unsubscribe from: If you use chapters, they will display in a list here.  If you want to show a chapter (or chapters) as an unsubscribe option, select the chapter(s) here.  Chapters will only appear on the public page if the supporter processing the page is already a member of the chapter.

      Groups to unsubscribe from:  If you want to show a group (or groups) as an unsubscribe option, select the group(s) here. Selected groups will be presented as checkboxes on the form, but they will only appear on the public page if the supporter processing the page is already a member of the group(s).

      While you have the option of creating a page that lists all your newsletter groups, one of the benefits of using Unsubscribe Pages is the ability to build separate, list-specific Unsubscribe Pages – perhaps offering on each page only a single group (list) at a time, and linking that page only from that list's newsletters.

      Remove from the following interests/tags:  Tags are less commonly used as the basis for list subscriptions. However, if you want to show a tag (or tags) as an unsubscribe option, select the tag(s) here. Selected tags will be presented as checkboxes on the form, but they will only appear on the public page if the supporter processing the page already has the tag(s) on their supporter record.


      Email triggers

      This box lists all auto-responses (also called triggers) created in your Salsa headquarters.  Choosing one or several auto-responses here will cause those responses to send to the supporter every time the page is completed.  Use this section to associate thank-you messages and/or internal notifications when actions are completed.  See the auto-responses section for more on how to configure these messages.


      Comment Field

      Clicking this checkbox adds a comment field to your unsubscribe page. 


      Supporters can use this field to tell you why they are unsubscribing.


      Unsubscribe comments are stored in the Unsubscribe table in the Reason field. To view these comments, use our Custom Report Builder and create a report on this table and field.

      Default Page


      When you're creating an email template, you'll be able to add the default unsubscribe page by clicking this text link (instead of copying and pasting the link from the unsubscribe page into the email template content).


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      • Hi,

        There is an option to "Give supporters a comment field to explain why they are unsubscribing" on the backend of the Salsa unsubscribe page. Where are the collected comments stored, or where are the individual comments sent?


        Thank you,


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      • Hi Deanna,

        Those comments are stored in the "Unsubscribe" table, in the "Reason" field. You'll have to use a custom report to get those fields, so here are some instructions:

        First, navigate to the Reports package and click Create Custom Report:



        Next, give your report a name, then select the "Unsubscribes" object from the Reporting on section. Click Save.



        On the Columns tab, add the following fields and click Save. (You can shift the order if you would like.)



        If you only want to see unsubscribes that provided a reason for leaving, on the Conditions tab, add a condition for the "Reason" field, and set the operator to "Not Empty", then click Save. No other changes need to be made here. (Otherwise, if you skip this step, you will see ALL unsubscribes.)



        Lastly, on the Sort By tab, determine how you would like to sort your results. One example might be to sort by "Unsubscribe Date", in "desc" order, so that the most recent unsubscribes are seen at the top.



        Now, click Save and then Run Report to get a list of the unsubscribes provided with reasons for leaving:



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      • Thank you!

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      • Is there a way to allow users to not only unsubscribe but "update" their information? So basically, at the bottom of the email it'll say unsubscribe or update preferences. 

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      • Alesia - I believe the best thing to do there would be to link to the profile manager, where they can update their preferences. Thanks!

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      • Can a subscriber add themselves back to an email list even after they've unsubscribed from all email lists in the past?

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      • Hi Faith,

        When a Supporter unsubscribes from your list, they can still resubscribe.  They could easily manage this status via the Profile Manager.

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