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    Customize your emails with legislator information

    In This Article:


      When to use it

      This type of dynamic content allows you to insert information about a supporter's legislator(s) into your email blasts. This is helpful if the email blast is about an urgent issue and you hope your supporters will call their legislators' offices (rather than just taking action online).


      Please note: This option is only available for accounts with the district append job running on their account. To confirm or request the district append job, please email your account manager or contact the support team.

      How to get there

      Use the dynamic content drop down list to automatically generate and insert dynamic content into your email blasts.


      How to insert Legislator Information dynamic content

      Prepare Your Email Content

      • Write your HTML content in your email blast or streaming email as normal.
      • Place your cursor where you'd like the dynamic content (customized legislator information) to go.



      Choose the legislator information

      Once your cursor is in the right place, use the Add dynamic content drop down menu and select Legislator Info. This will open a pop up window.


      Legislator Type:  Select which type of legislator info you'd like to insert into the email. If you choose US Senate, when a supporter receives the email they will see the contact information for their Senators.


      Legislator Fields:  Select the specific legislator information you'd like to insert in the email. If you choose Full Name and Phone, only those two pieces of information will appear for each legislator.


      Alternate Text:  If Salsa cannot identify legislators for the supporter receiving the email, this text will display in place of legislator information.


      Insert the Script

      Once you have chosen the donation information, click the button to see the script in the Dynamic Preview field below. Then click the button to insert the script in your email content.



      There are two options for testing to ensure your dynamic content displays correctly:  Sending a test email and previewing the content.

      Test email

      On the validation tab of your email blast workflow, send test email(s) to verify the dynamic content appears as expected.



      On the content tab of the email blast workflow, click on the blue button at the top right. Select a supporter in the Content Preview field and click the button. You will see how this content will display to the selected supporter.


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