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    Double Opt-In Signup Page

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      When to use it

      Keeping a clean list (practicing good list hygiene) improves your email deliverability. Using a double opt-in signup page ensures that supporters who are signing up to receive email from you are really ready to be on your list and are more likely to open, read, and interact with the email you send them.

      Want to learn more about list hygiene?

      Please click here to see our help page about maintaining good email list hygiene.

      How to get there

      To configure a double opt-in signup page, follow these steps:

      1. Create an autoresponse or streaming email with confirmation content.
      2. Create a signup page with the Do not add without confirmation checkbox checked and the automated email (from step 1) added on the follow-up tab.
      3. Optional:  Create a custom thank you page

      Create the Automated Email

      Create an autoresponse or streaming email with a link to the confirmation page. The content is (obviously) up to you, but we've shown some options here. The important part is the link which does have to be configured properly (so pay careful attention to that part).

      Sample email content

      Someone (hopefully you) has subscribed your email address to Salsa's email newsletter. If this is correct, please click this link to confirm your subscription:


      If this is not correct, you do not need to do anything, simply delete this message. Thank you!

      Configuring the URL

      1. Click on and View Page to open up the user-facing version of any Salsa page (such as your signup page)
      2. Copy the URL of the user-facing page


      1. Remove the parts of the URL in the red boxes to get down to Your_Node_Address.
      • In this example, we've gone from
      • To


      1. Copy this URL (the base of all email confirmation pages): 


      1. And paste what is left from your "URL surgery" (Your_Node_Address from step 3) over the placeholder text label Your_Node_Address
      2. The final result should look something like 


      Create the Signup Page

      Create your signup page as normal. The two steps which are especially important to the double opt-in process are:

      1. On the options tab of the signup page workflow, check the Do not add without confirmation checkbox.


      1. On the follow-up tab of the signup page workflow, add the automated you configured following the instructions above.


      Create a thank you page

      After supporters click on the link in the confirmation email...


      They'll be redirected to the first thank you page you created in your account (by default). Sometimes, however, that just won't do - you need a custom thank you page for this subscribe confirmation. If this is the case simply follow these steps.

      1. Create the thank you page (or grab any URL on which you'd like supporters to land after they click the subscription confirmation link).
      2. Go back to your automatic email (autoresponse or streaming email) from the section above. When we left off, the URL looked something like this:  


      1. Add one more query string on the end of that URL:  &redirect=THANK_YOU_PAGE_URL


      The supporter will then be redirected to the appended page after they click the link to confirm their subscription.

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