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    Set Up an SPF Record

    In This Article:

      This article pertains to Salsa Classic. For information on SPF records in Salsa Engage, click here.


      Email service providers (like Gmail) include a security feature to help better inform readers of who is sending a given message.  The hope is to prevent spoofing, which occurs when one sends an email that appears to come from one source but actually comes from another.  This is a common practice used by spammers to trick people into opening, reading and clicking on emails.

      This information is usually hidden in the headers of an email (code you don’t normally see but tracks the journey of an email). Email service providers have begun to add “via” information to show who is actually sending the email.  So even though your blasts might be coming from, the email service provider will show that the messages are being sent by Salsa Labs.

      Here's an example of what this looks like in a Supporter's inbox.


      How do I make this go away?

      What your supporters can do

      This will no longer appear to the reader once the email service provider concludes that the email recipient actually wants to receive messages from the sender.

      For example, if the supporter replies to a message or adds your address to their address book, Gmail (or any other email service provider) will conclude that the supporter actually wants to hear from you.

      This is another reason why you (as an email sender) need to make sure all emails have some sort of action to them. Engage your supporters so they can prove to email service providers that they're interested in what you have to say!

      What you can do

      Email service providers check several ways to see if a message is authentic, but the easiest road to authentication is to set up a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record. SPF records verify that email senders (like Salsa) have permission to send email on your behalf.

      Salsa staff can't set this up for your organization - you'll need to work with your IT staff on this one. Salsa staff can, however, verify whether or not the setup was successful. Just contact our support team once it's done (and include the domain address in your support request).

      Before you begin, make sure you have the ability to add a TXT entry to your DNS records

      A few tips about adding your SPF record (for IT professionals)


      • To add a new SPF record
        • The format varies between various DNS platforms - please consult your specific documentation for instructions to enter an SPF record as a TXT record. It should look similar to TXT "v=spf1 mx ~all"
      • To update an existing SPF record
        • Insert into your current configuration, just before the "all" mechanism. This tells the SPF record requestor to look up the record for and include that information in the organization's SPF response.


      Below is a typical SPF record and a breakdown of what each component of the SPF string does.

      "v=spf1 mx ~all"

      • v=spf1 means SPFv1 or SPF Classic, the current version of SPF. This identifies the TXT record as an SPF string.
      • mx is a mechanism indicating that the incoming mail servers for your domain are also permitted to send mail.
      • is a mechanism indicating any server permitted to send mail from may also send mail from your domain.
      • ~all means that all other mail not explicitly permitted by the rest of the SPF record can be accepted but will be marked for greater scrutiny.


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      • which part is the "host"  help says "Host is the domain name or subdomain to which the record applies."

        which part is the "txt value" help says "This is the text instruction to include in the DNS record."

        as cheap-domainregistration asks for host and txt values  (I know to select TXT as record time and leave TTL default as 1 hour)


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      • I am guessing host is

        and txt is

        v=spf1 mx ~all

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