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    Receive Email values

    In This Article:

      Below are the values, as of June 2017, that a supporter can be assigned manually or automatically by Salsa to signify their status when receiving email blasts. Positive numbers (i.e. the first four rows in green) will successfully receive email; all numbers 0 and below are considered unsubscribed and will not receive emails.

      receive_email details
      15 NO ACTIVITY (Supporters who remain subscribed, have not opened/clicked emails)
      10 ACTIVE: CONFIRMED (Double opt-in)
      3 ACTIVE: CLIENT (Client has directly signed up)
      1 1 - Imported or unknown (subscribed)
      0 0 - Inactive or Unknown(not subscribed)
      -1 The response text could not be identified. (Undetermined)
      -10 The recipient is invalid. (Invalid Recipient)
      -20 The message soft bounced. (Soft Bounce)
      -21 The message bounced due to a DNS failure. (DNS Failure)
      -22 The message bounced due to the remote mailbox being over quota. (Mailbox Full) 
      -23 The message bounced because it was too large for the recipient. (Too Large)
      -24 The message timed out. (Timeout)
      -25 The message was failed by Momentum's configured policies. (Admin Failure)
      -30 No recipient could be determined for the message. (Generic Bounce: No RCPT)
      -40 The message failed for unspecified reasons. (Generic Bounce)
      -50 The message was blocked by the receiver. (Mail Block)
      -51 The message was blocked by the receiver as coming from a known spam source. (Spam Block)
      -52 The message was blocked by the receiver as spam (Spam Content)
      -53 The message was blocked by the receiver because it contained an attachment (Prohibited Attachment)
      -54 The message was blocked by the receiver because relaying is not allowed. (Relay Denied)
      -60 The message is an auto-reply/vacation mail. (Auto-Reply)
      -70 Message transmission has been temporarily delayed. (Transient Failure)
      -80 The message is a subscribe request. (Subscribe)
      -90 The message is an unsubscribe request. (Unsubscribe)
      -100 The message is a challenge-response probe. (Challenge-Response)

      Receive email values are managed on the Profile tab of a supporter record.


      More detail on specific values above:

      15 (NO ACTIVITY) is not an automatically-applied value.  A supporter will only receive this Receive Email value via a campaign manager manually setting the value via the Salsa interface (see the screenshot, above, for the location of where this can be manually set).

      Some notes about older, deprecated values:  

      -43 (Gmail spam report) is no longer a correct value. That would now be -40, which is more generic. Gmail doesn't report spam (it does not perform Feed Back Loops).


      Internal refs: SCT-348, SCT-464, SCT-676

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      • Something that would be very helpful for us is if in the supporter profile "receive email" field you list the number that corresponds with the description. As of now, only "1 - Imported or unknown" lists the number (1).  Yet if one queries for "receive email" and wants to do a bulk update they have to know the number (which isn't listed). 

        So, could you please list the number next to the description in the supporter dropdown (see screenshots -

      • I have several users marked as -24,  INACTIVE: (5.1.1 User Unknown). What does this mean? Did they actively unsubscribe or not? 


      • Man, I just COULD NOT find this page using the site search.  Glad Ashley knew where it was.  

        Katie, I think -24 means that it is a hard bounce where the ISP can confirm that the username does not exist on their domain.

      • I would second Katie's question: what does "5.1.1 User Unknown" mean?  Also, it would be really helpful if SALSA were to include reasons for these status changes in the table they provided above (assuming they're not self explanatory).

      • There are different types of hard and soft bounces but the main one you'll see is the 5.1.1 user unknown value. That is what we call a 'really hard bounce'. There are other types of bounces that can happen, but they don't cause a change to the supporter receive email value:

        1. REALLY_HARD_BOUNCE - The recipient is invalid. (Invalid Recipient)//No recipient could be determined for the message. (Generic Bounce: No RCPT) -- really hard bounces -- unrecoverable type of things. This would be what results in a -24 (5.1.1 User Unknown)

        These will always lead to a change in the receive email value and therefore lead to an unsubscribe of the Salsa record.

        1. HARD_BOUNCE- The message bounced due to a DNS failure. (DNS Failure)//Misc 550 Errors (User Inactive, Unable to Relay, Mailbox Unavailable, etc)//The message was blocked by the receiver because relaying is not allowed. (Relay Denied)

        These won't lead to an immediate unsubscribe because they are not permanent errors, but count as hard bounces because the recipient server for some reason isn't available.

        1. SOFT_BOUNCE- The message soft bounced. (Soft Bounce)
          //The message bounced due to the remote mailbox being over quota. (Mailbox Full)
          //The message bounced because it was too large for the recipient. (Too Large)

        These never lead to unsubscribes.

        Here's some documentation about how we process these values as well:

        That's a great feature request, Katie, and we encourage you to voice this over in our feature requests section where others can vote for it as well. 

      • Ashley,

        Can you tell us how the new "manage batch limits" feature (for which I do not see any documentation...???) has the potential of changing your #3?

      • Hi Sarah,

        The Manage Bounce Limits package can be used to set the maximum number of hard or soft bounces for a particular supporter before automatically unsubscribing them.  It has to be installed by our support team, but it's free so just email them to request it.


      • Is it for a particular supporter or for every supporter? 

        Say I set soft bounces for 10 and someone receives an email but he/she 10 soft bounces before that. Does he/she get unsubscribed?

        Does the system go through an update all subscribers with >10 and automatically unsubscribe them, even without an email being sent?

        What does the record look like when they've been unsubscribed due to this new feature? Does their Receive Email get changed?

        These are all questions I'd like to see answered in documentation about this new feature.


        Also, doesn't this change the response above (from Ashley on 8/13/14) that suggests Soft bounces "never lead to unsubscribes"?

      • Hi Sarah,

        All good questions!  The bounce limits package updates the Receive Email value of all Supporter records where the number of hard or soft bounces exceeds those set via the package tools. 

        Thanks a bunch!

      • We have one supporter with a receive email value of -52.  Any idea what that might mean?

        Thanks in advance!


      • There does not seem to be definitions for -53 or -56.  What do those codes mean?  I have a dozen supporters with these e-mail receive codes.  Also, you may want to update your list above to include these.  Thank you!

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