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    Undelete Supporter Records

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      When to use it

      Find and restore all of your deleted supporters, or just a queried subsection of your supporters.

      How to get there

      Navigate to the Supporter Package, and then open the Query & Export tool. Build any query you want and click the Query Deleted Supporters checkbox. Your results will include only those deleted supporters who meet the conditions of your query.


      How it works

      When you "delete" a supporter record, you're not really deleting it. Salsa is actually putting a little flag on the record that says "Hey! They don't want to see this data anymore." As long as that flag is on the record, it doesn't display to users of your Salsa account, but the record still exists in the database. When you undelete a supporter record, you're simply removing that flag.

      Undelete a Supporter Record

      1. Open the query and export tool.
      2. To view and/or restore the deleted records from a particular segment of your database, build any query you'd like.
      3. After your query has run, you’ll see how many supporters met your conditions, and then you have one big option: . Click the button, and you have now raised the dead. Your restored supporters will all retain their previous history and data - i.e. a subscribed supporter will be restored as a subscribed supporter, an unsubscribed supporter will be restored as still unsubscribed.


      What to watch out for

      When records can't be undeleted

      • Deduplicated records - If you merge the data of two different records together, any data overwritten in this process is permanently overwritten. Read more about deduplication for details.
      • Records which were deleted before the feature was deployed (September 13, 2012).

      Identifying which records were undeleted

      If you want to maintain a list of records which were undeleted, you'll need to do a little work before you undelete them.

      1. Open the query tool and click the button 
      2. On the Take Action tab of the query workflow, add a unique tag to the entire list
      3. Then undelete the records as described above
      4. To identify which records were undeleted, run a query to identify all records which do not have the tag you applied in step 2 of this process. This will be all of the records you undeleted.


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      • Once I restore those supporters, how do I determine which of my supporters are the ones that were restored?

        For instance, let's say I query all deleted supporters who live in Nebraska, which gives me 7 deleted supporters. I restore those supporters, but now I have 465 supporters who live in Nebraska. How do I know which of those 7 just got un-deleted?

        Since I happen to know who one of them is, I can go into her record and see that in the "Modification History" there is a record for which she was originally deleted. Is there a way to query on that information?

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      • Hi, Sarah:

        I've updated the document with some information on how to access this information (see the new header "Identifying which records were undeleted"). Unfortunately, it doesn't help you in this case, because you'd have needed to apply tags beforehand. 

        If this undelete is very recent, you may be able to get the information you need by querying on supporter fields>last modified>equals>the date/time of the undelete (that's assuming the time the records were last modified was the undelete though).

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