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    Manage Supporters

    In This Article:

      Manage Supporters


      The Manage link allows you to list, add, and edit supporter records. By clicking on Manage Supporters, you will access a dropdown menu that gives you three options: Add Supporter, List Supporters, and De-duplicate Supporters.

      Add Supporter 

      You can use this page to add a new supporter to your list. This will prompt an "Add A Person" screen. Enter the supporter's data into the fields provided.

      Note: There are other fields in a supporter record; these are just the basic fields you can input to manually input your new record.

      When you are ready, click the "Save" button. This will save the supporter in your database, and it will redirect you to the standard supporter record view for your new supporter.

      List Supporters 

      This page shows you a list of supporters in your database. Each line in the list represents one supporter, and you can see at a glance fields such as the Supporter Key, First Name, Last Name, Email, State, and date created.

      On the left hand side of the screen next to each supporter is a link labeled "Details." If you click on this link, you will be taken to a detailed record of all of the data you have on that supporter, including contact information, donation history, and contact history.

      On the right hand side of the screen next to each supporter record are two links labeled "Copy" and "Remove." If you click on "Copy," you will create a duplicate record in the database. The "Remove" link will delete the supporter record from your database.

      Editing data from this page 

      You can edit any fields displayed in this list by clicking within the field that you want to edit and making changes. Changes that you make to these fields will be saved real-time, without the need to click a "Save" button.

      Navigating through pages of your supporters

      By default, each page will list 50 records from your list. At the bottom of the page, you will see the number of pages of results. Each page number (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) is a link. By clicking on the link for a particular page number, you will be taken directly to that page of records. Clicking the link labeled "Next-->" will take you to the next page of results, and clicking on "End >>" will take you to the last page of results.

      Changing the number of results per page

      By default, each page will display 50 of your records. On the right hand side of your screen, above your list of supporters, is a dropdown menut labeled "Results per page." The dropdown menu contains other options for number of results to display per page. For example, if you click on the option 150 from the dropdown menu, the page will refresh, including 150 results instead of 50.

      Filtering your list

      You can set filters to narrow the list of records displayed on this page. Directly above your list of records is a dropdown menu labeled "Show Rows Where." From this list you can choose a supporter field (such as Email or State). Next to the dropdown menu is a text input field labeled "starts with" which you can use to specify the filter you want to apply to your list. The percent sign (%) can be used as a wildcard.

      For example, if you filter with the following criteria:

      Show Rows Where: Email 

      starts with:

      And hit the button labeled Go! you will be given a list of all of your supporters who have Hotmail email addresses.

      You can create multiple filters to narrow your list. If you have any active filters, they will appear in the list labeled Current Filtersdirectly underneath the filter builder. On the right hand side of the list is a link labeled Clear All Filters. Click on this link to remove all filters and once again view your entire list of supporters.

      Sorting your list

      You can sort your records by any column displayed on the screen. Each column header (such as KEY, First Name, and Last Name) appears as a link at the top of the list of records. If you click on one of these links, the page will reload and reorder your records to be sorted by the column you selected. Clicking the same link a second time will cause your records to be reordered again in the opposite order, still by the same column.

      Exporting your List

      From the bottom right-hand corner, you can select an export type, and export your currently selected list (filtered or not).

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      • In the List Supporters view, is it possible to change the column headers?

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      • Hi Cathy,

        It's possible to sort based on those column headers. but it's not possible to change them without a developer update.  Changing the column headers for one would change them for all, so we try to choose the column headers that are best for the most users.

        If you want a list of supporters with custom headers, you could always try building a custom report.


        Best regards,


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