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    Scheduling Exports

    In This Article:

      Salsa allows you to schedule exports, if there are particular exports you want to run regularly and automatically.  For example, you could have your membership department receive a monthly email with a list of all supporters who were created in the last 30 days, or have your finance folks get an email with a list of all YTD donations.

      Getting Started

      Locate the Manage Exports link in the Supporter Management package:

      | See how this screen looked in the previous version of Salsa

      After clicking the link, you will see a list of ongoing scheduled export items (if any). For each of your scheduled exports, this list shows you its Key, Reference Name, Status, Last Run (date), and Date Created.  It also allows you to copy a scheduled export to modify, and to remove scheduled exports.

      To create a new one, click the Add export link. You can base an export on a query or a report.

      To create a new export, click "Add an export."  You will then choose whether to base your export on a report or a query.  For instructions on scheduling an export of query results, see here.  For instructions on scheduling an export of a report, see here.

      To stop receiving a recurrent scheduled export, simply change its status from "Active" to "Complete".

      Note: The files generated by exports will expire after three months. After that time, you will have to regenerate the export. (Exports will continue to run if scheduled, but the older export files from previously scheduled export will only stick around for three months.)

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