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    Mail merge with Google Drive / Docs

    In This Article:

      What: This feature will take a piece of content created in Salsa that incorporates supporter merge field data, and then uses a query selection to create a Google document with a page populated with each supporter's data. 

      Why: This is essentially a mail merge - allowing you to create a document that is customized with a supporter's info / data on each page. By way of example, you can then print each page to physically mail to each supporter.


      1. Navigate to the Supporter package, and find the Google Docs tool, then click Create New Google Doc:

        If you do not see this tool listed, please contact your Account Manager to request the installation of this feature.
      2.  After arriving at the following screen, begin populating your page with content:


        After providing a Reference Name (internal-only, identifying name for the content), begin populating your document with content.

        Dynamic Content - Choose which type of data you'd like to use from the dropdown:

        If you are familiar with Merge Fields, you can also manually enter any Supporter fields and custom fields.

        Content - Begin entering your static content, using HTML or the built-in WYSIWYG editor.
      3. Click Save & Continue to move on to the Targeting tab (seen below). The Targeting tab will determine which supporters will be included and populated in your final Google document.

        The Targeting tab is exactly similar to the same tab found in the Email Blast workflow, allowing you to select your entire list, a previously saved query, or a new query selection. If you need a refresher on making your selections, read up here
      4. Click Save & Continue to arrive at the Upload tab. There is only one option here: Upload to Google Docs Now:

         Clicking this button for the first time will ask you to log in to your Google account, and then you will be prompted to authorize Salsa to access your Google Drive account, similar to the image below:

        Click the Grant Access button to begin the upload process.
      5. After granting Salsa access to your Google Drive, you will be returned to your Salsa HQ with a notice of how many supporters were included in your Google document upload:

        Click the Close button to acknowledge the upload.
      6. Shortly after, you will be able to log in to your Google Drive account and see a new Google document listed with the Reference Name of your document, like in the image below:

        Inside the document will be a page (or multiple pages, depending on the length of your content) populated with the information of each supporter included in the query selection (Step #3 above).

        You may now print, share, or send this document according to your organization's needs.
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