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    Chapters FAQ

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      Chapters FAQ

      Q. After I syndicate something to my chapters, what happens if I edit or delete the original? What about if I edit the copy?

      A. Nothing bad happens! Syndication creates for the chapter a completely new copy of the original Salsa page, email blast, or group. The only difference is, the new copy is affiliated with the appropriate chapter.

      Once it's been copied, both the original and its syndicated clone are completely different objects. Either can be edited or deleted without affecting the other.

      Q. As a chapter manager, why can't I access _____?

      A. In general, the answer is because the item is not chapter-owned. Most Salsa data -- such as a page, email blast, or group -- has to be created by the manager of a chapter in order for it to be accessible to that chapter. (Or, syndicated to that chapter.)

      Similarly, a donation made through a chapter-owned donate page, or an action taken through a chapter-owned action page, will only be visible to those who have access to that chapter.

      Q. What happens if a chapter member unsubscribes?

      A single supporter record can belong to many chapters at once. (Note that all other Salsa data other than supporters can belong only to a single chapter.)

      Each of those supporter-chapter relationships has its own email permission. If a supporter tires of a chapter's emails and unsubscribes, it revokes email permissions only for the specific chapter in question: the national organization (and any other chapters the supporter belongs to) will still be able to email the supporter unless s/he also unsubscribes from them.

      Q. How can I easily view and sort Email Blasts based off Chapter Name? 

      A. We have recently updated the Email List functionality to include filtering by Chapter Name. It can be found at the bottom of the dropdown list when looking at email blasts: 

      Helpful tip: You can search directly for chapter names (e.g. Wisconsin) or use wildcard (the percent sign %) to get several chapters. For example, typing%Wis% in the search box would bring back any chapters with the text Wis in them.
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