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    Chapter Creation and Management

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      When to use it

      Salsa's chapter package has a robust chapter management toolkit--allowing you to not only create and edit each chapter, but add campaign managers for each chapter, edit parent-child relationships, and group chapters into sets for easy syndication. Before creating chapters, read the Chapters Overview to get a sense of how it all works.

      How to get there

      Navigate to the Chapter package and click the Create a new chapter link.


      Create a Chapter: Step 1 - Chapter Description


      The Chapter Description tab allows you to give the official name, description, homepage, slogan, etc., for each chapter your create.

      Chapter Name – This is the official name of the chapter you are creating. This name will appear internally in Salsa.
      Chapter Description – This is an internal description of the chapter.
      Homepage URL – This is the homepage URL for the chapter. This is not a Salsa page, but the homepage for the chapter hosted outside of Salsa (if one exists).

      Slogan – This is the slogan for the chapter (if one exists separate from a national slogan).
      Status –  This feature is currently inactive and will be further developed in later releases of the chapter package
      Privacy – This feature is currently inactive and will be further developed in later releases of the chapter package


      Create a Chapter: Step 2 - Location


      In this tab, you can enter geographic information about the chapter. This information is primarily for internal tracking.

      Municipality– This is the main or home city of the chapter you are creating.
      Region – If a chapter resides in a particular state or Canadian territory, here you can choose the appropriate one.
      Postal Code – This is the zip or postal code of the chapter's physical office.
      Country - This is the country the chapter's physical office is in.


      Create a Chapter: Step 3 - Chapter Structure

      In addition to descriptive and geographical information about each chapter, you can give each chapter a “type” and a structural relationship to other chapters in your account.

      Chapter Types – This is a description or tag that doesn't affect functionality, but allows for easy reporting. The chapter’s type will be visible in the “list chapters” table—making it easy to sort chapters by their type both within Salsa and when exported.
      Create chapter types ahead of time in the Chapter Tools section.
      And once they're created, you can designate a chapter type for a particular chapter on the Chapter Structure tab of the Chapter Creation workflow.
      After both of these steps are completed, you can sort your chapter list by Chapter type as shown.

      Parent Chapter – This is a filing mechanism that allows you to create a hierarchy of tiers among your chapters. For example, you can set another chapter in your account as the “parent” chapter of the chapter you are editing. Parent chapters have access to all chapters (and their supporters) filed below them as “children” chapters.

      Note: While parent chapters have access to their children’s supporters, they cannot email them without those supporters being added to and subscribed to the parent chapter.


      Create a Chapter: Step 4 - Chapter Sets


      In addition to setting a parent-child relationships for each chapter, you can group them together into “sets” that make it easy for campaign managers to syndicate to a grouping of chapters all at once.

      Assign a Chapter Set - Assign the chapter you're creating to an existing chapter set

      Create a new Chapter Set - Type in the name of a new chapter set to create and click the button


      After Chapter Sets are created, it is easy for National Campaign Managers to syndicate content to an entire Chapter Set.

      Advanced Set Options

      Advanced set options are available to node managers and can be configured with the help of Salsa’s support team. These advanced options can allow syndication between chapters in a set. Currently, available chapter set relationship options include:

      • Can syndicate to - default unselected: Syndicate pages, templates, email blasts and custom fields to a chapter set if the page is specifically selected for syndication. The checkbox is unselected for these chapters.
      • Have new signups automatically added to: Share supporter signups with a specified chapter set -- supporters will be added to both lists.
      • Have new signups optionally added to: Provide an option on a standard signup page for supporters to join this second list.

      Create a Chapter: Step 5 - Campaign Managers


      A Chapter Campaign Manager is a campaign manager who has been assigned to a specific chapter. Once assigned, they can only view records associated with their chapter inside the Salsa HQ.

      Be careful never to assign your own account to a chapter - you can get stuck without the ability to manage your own permissions and supporters (email Salsa Support if this occurs, and we can correct the error). If you need to have access to the national level data as well as a chapter(s), you will need to set up separate campaign manager logins for each chapter/organization.

      There are two ways to assign a Chapter Campaign Manager:

      1. From the Campaign Manager Interface

      Click on the campaign manager details. Choose the chapter from the Assign to Chapter drop down box, and click the button. Once you've assigned a campaign manager to a chapter, their name will appear under the "Chapter Campaign Manager" tab for that chapter.


      2. From the Chapter Creation Workflow

      Review the All Available Campaign Managers listing on the Campaign Managers tab of the workflow (shown below). Click the Add link next to the Campaign Manager you want to move to the chapter. This campaign manager will no longer have access to national level data and will only have access to the data of this chapter.

      A campaign manager can only be assigned to one chapter at a time. Also, if you assign a national campaign manager to a chapter, that person will no longer have access to the national organization. 


      Create a Chapter: Step 6 - Options

      Presently, the only available option is to allow the chapter to syndicate to all other chapters or to none at all. If enabled, when Chapter Campaign Managers are able to Syndicate to other Chapters. If disabled, only National Campaign Managers can syndicate content.


      Note: The salsa.chapter.syndication package needs be applied to the role of the Chapter campaign manager before he or she can syndicate from the chapter level.

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