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    Chapter Unsubscribes

    In This Article:

      When a supporter clicks a link to remove his or her email from the entire list, the result will depend on whether the Unsubscribe link was for the chapter or the main organization:

        • For chapter-constructed unsubscribe links, s/he will be unsubscribed (via a chapter-specific Receive_Email field) from the chapter but not the top-level organization.
        • For the main organization's unsubscribe links, s/he will be unsubscribed from both the top-level organization and any chapters via the primary Receive_Email field, making them ineligible to receive any further emails.

      Chapter-Level Unsubscribe Pages/Links

      Unsubscribe pages created at the chapter level work a little bit differently. Instead of changing the primary Receive_Email status when a supporter clicks "remove from entire list," they are only unsubscribed from the chapter and can still be emailed by the blast tool at the organizational level.

      The end of a new chapter-level link looks like this:

      Notice that the "c/" in the URL indicates that the page was created by a chapter, and has these chapter functions.

      You can see if a supporter has been unsubscribed from a chapter by looking in the supporter's profile:


      Organization-Level Pages/Links

       Unsubscribe pages created at the organization level allow supporters to change their Receive_Email status to unsubscribed, preventing the email blast tool from sending them any emails. For more information on how Receive_Email works, see our documentation on Unsubscribes.

      Organization-level pages may be custom unsubscribe pages or unsubscribe links created in email templates, but they are created by a Campaign Manager with an organization-level login.

      The end of a new organization-level link looks like this:


      Because links do not change with syndication, any pages or links that are created at the organization level and then syndicated will function as Organization-level pages.

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