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    Smart Chapters

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      When to use it

      When supporters join your organization, they're not automatically added to any one particular chapter - Salsa can't simply intuit where they should be assigned! But with the Smart Chapters feature, you can start setting rules for Salsa to follow in assigning supporters to the correct chapters.

      How to get there

      Navigate to the Supporter Management package and then click the Manage Groups link.


      Click on the specific group you want to make a smart chapter group and navigate to the Smart Group Options tab.


      Please contact the Support Team with your organization key to request the addition of the Smart Chapters feature.

      How it works

      Put simply, Smart Chapters allows you to use a Greedy Smart Group to add supporters to a chapter. The query used in the Greedy Smart Group can be considered the "rule" which determines if the supporter should be added to the chapter associated with that Greedy Smart Group.

      Note:  The Smart Chapter feature is only available for Greedy Smart Groups. A regular Smart Group is not compatible with Smart Chapters.

      Example Setup

      Goal: You want supporters who live in California to be automatically added to your California chapter.

      1. Create a group and query for "California supporters" at the organization level.


      1. Set the Smart Group options to Greedy Smart Group
      2. Attach the query to the Greedy Smart Group
      3. Enable the Smart Chapter option by selecting the proper chapter ("California") to funnel supporters who are added to the Greedy Smart Group into in the chapter.


      1. Supporters will begin to be added to the specified chapter in the next 24 hours when the Greedy Smart Group processing job runs its daily update.

      Other notes

      • If you delete the Greedy Smart Group, supporters will remain in the corresponding chapter.
      • Similarly, if you change the query used to populate the Greedy Smart Group, anyone who was added through the original query will remain in the group (thus, the greedy part). After changing queries, new supporters will be added only if they meet the conditions of the new query.
      • If a supporter is manually deleted/removed from the corresponding chapter, they will be re-added to the chapter in another 24 hours since they still meet the query conditions. To get around this, consider adding a tag to the supporter(s) who you are deleting. Then edit the query used in the Greedy Smart Group / Smart Chapter to add a "Is not tagged with..." condition, as seen here. This will make sure that anyone who picks up your "deleted" tag will not be included the next time the Greedy Smart Group / Smart Chapter update process runs.
      • Currently, the Chapter page does not list which chapters are using the Smart Chapters feature. Additionally, the Smart Chapters feature will not inform you if the same chapter is being populated through a different Smart Chapter group. Therefore, it's very important to track which Smart Groups and Chapters are connected to each other.
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