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    Why "Please verify your e-mail address to unsubscribe"?

    In This Article:


      Campaign managers and supporters alike can click on an unsubscribe link and end up on a page stating "Please verify your e-mail address to unsubscribe."  Let's find out why, and what you can do when that happens.


      • Campaign managers that create unsubscribe pages
      • Campaign managers that manage email blasts / templates
      • Developers working with unsubscribe pages


      Salsa's unsubscribe processes are designed to:

      1. Allow a supporter to unsubscribe by clicking on a link in an email blast, and
      2. Not allow someone else to unsubscribe the supporter if the email blast is forwarded.

      Salsa does this by appending a token field to the end of the unsubscribe link in your email blast.  When the token field is detected and used, Salsa sends the supporter to the unsubscribe page. When the token is not there, or is detected and doesn't match the person reading the email, then Salsa sends the supporter the "Please verify your e-mail address to unsubscribe" message.


      Let's look at the lifetime of an unsubscribe link and see what happens differently between a token and a no token event:

      Unsubscribe link in the email blast template:

      Sample unsubscribe image from email blast content.


      Notice that the link is the standard form for pages with merged fields in Salsa.  Having or not having a token doesn't matter here, so this is just the starting place.


      Unsubscribe link in a test message: 

      Sample unsubscribe link from a test email.


      In a test message, the URL is wrapped inside a link tracking URL.  This makes it very messy to read.  The thing to notice here is that there is no token.  If a campaign manager (or another tester) clicks on this link, then the  "Please verify your e-mail address to unsubscribe" page will appear.


      Unsubscribe link in a real email blast: 

      Unsubscribe link in an email blast


      Note that there is no visible token.  That's because the email processing has done some special work to the unsubscribe link, and converted it to a special link-tracking link.  The only reason that we know that this is an unsubscribe link is to look at the HTML and see that it's in the right place.

      However, when you click on the link, then you can see in your browser that the URL has the token added:

      Since the token is present, then clicking on an unsubscribe link from an email blast will take the supporter directly to the unsubscribe page.


      If you are reading this article just to learn about unsubscribe links, and don't have any current problems to tackle, then you are done!  Thank you for your attention.  Please be sure to vote this article up if it was helpful!

      However, if you are reading this article because you or one of your supporters is seeing the  "Please verify your e-mail address to unsubscribe" page, then here are questions that you can ask:

      Q: Does the "Please verify your e-mail address to unsubscribe" page appear in a test email?

      A: If yes, then you should be seeing the "Please verify your e-mail address to unsubscribe" page.  There is not a problem.

      A: If no, then go to the next question.

      Q: Does the  "Please verify your e-mail address to unsubscribe" appear in a message from an email blast?

      A: If yes, then: 

      Q: Did the email blast message go the the person reporting the problem?

      A: If yes, then you need to open a ticket with Salsa.  Include the following information:

        1. Your organization key.
        2. The email blast KEY where the error was reported.
        3. The supporter KEY of the supporter reporting the problem.
        4. The source of the email that the supporter received.  This search URL can help you get this information from your supporter.  Attach the source as an attachment to the ticket.  Do not paste it into the ticket.

      A: If no, then the message was forwarded to someone else.  Not a problem.

      A: if no, then this doesn't sound like a problem, really.  Open a ticket with Salsa, describe the problem carefully, and we'll be glad to help out.


      Salsa designed the unsubscribe process to both unsubscribe a supporter, and to prohibit a supporter from being unsubscribed from a forwarded message.  The key to this process is the token parameter in the unsubscribe page URL.

      If the token parameter is in the unsubscribe URL, then the supporter will see the unsubscribe page.

      If the token parameter is not in the unsubscribe URL, or it is and the token doesn't match the person reading the URL, then the "Please verify your e-mail address to unsubscribe" is displayed.


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