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    Contact Page

    In This Article:

      The contact page is a special type of content item that augments your site with a special page to give your constituents directions on how to contact you. The contact page does not actually engineer that contact directly: you simply use it to publish your address, phone number, email, or any other channels by which you intend to invite people to get in touch.

      There are two fields to configure:


      The title appears in h2 font at the top of the contact page, and also populates the page's HTML title attribute, meaning most browsers will display this field in the pane, tab or window that shows the page.

       Generally, you'll simply place in this field a phrase like "Contact", or perhaps a term such as "Field Offices" to contextualize the content that follows.



       This field appears on the content page after the Title, and can be HTML-styled using the WYSIWYG editor, including images, links, and video embeds. The formatting of this page is completely open and up to you: simply place your address(es), phone number(s), email address(es), and any instructions you have about using them in a style and layout that makes the most sense to you. A simple postal address and phone number is a perfectly adequate contact page for many.

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