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    Photo Gallery

    In This Article:

      A photo gallery is a public-facing gallery of images for your users. There are many third-party tools that do that these days, and the Salsa photo gallery tool is a legacy from back when those other tools were not as user-friendly (or affordable). But still, it's a handy way for you to get some pictures onto a Salsa page or other webpage in a hurry if your webmaster is on vacation or something. Plan for the worst, right?


      The public name of the gallery will appear as a banner headline atop the page (in h2 HTML style).



      This field appears on the photo gallery page after the Title, and can be HTML-styled. Use it to describe or introduce the set of images that will follow.



      The "Add Photos" button opens a window enabling you to select from among all images you have previously uploaded in the Website Management: Images section.


      Add as many images as you want to your gallery by selecting them one by one. Any given image can be published to zero, one, or any number of different photo gallery pages; if it makes sense to re-use a particular image on several different pages, go ahead and do so.

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