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    Salsa Web Template Extractor

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      When to use it

      Already have a website? You can use Salsa’s template extractor to generate the look of your website and use it on your Salsa pages. This will allow your pages in Salsa to have the same look and feel as the rest of your website.

      How to get there

      The template extractor is found in the Website Package under Templates:


      Start Extracting

      Click the button and select the Extract from website option to use the template extractor:


      Using the extraction tool, you can use any existing webpage as the basis for your Salsa pages. Simply enter the URL below and then click the button to begin: 



      Select Your Content Area

      After you retrieve the web page, select your main content area by scrolling down the web template. Use the bar on the left side of the screen to jump between content sections.


      Once you decide which content section to use, click the green salsa content here box at the top of the content section. You will know it was selected when it changes to Content Placed.


      If you accidentally select the wrong content area, simply click the button.  The template will revert back to its original state (before the content area was selected), and you can choose again. Clicking Clear will clear out the entire web template.


      Click the button at the bottom of the screen to preview the template.

      Preview & Save

      On the preview tab, you can review the source code of your newly created web template.  If you need to manually edit the source code, you can do so on this step.


      When finished making changes click the button.

      My template looks really bad!

      At this point, your template has been copied over to Salsa, but it probably looked really bad in the Preview. The reason? Salsa templates must be secure. By "secure", we mean that

      1. the template URL starts with 'https://' and
      2. all of the files that the template also have URLs that start with 'https://.

      If a file that a browser needs starts with 'http://', then it's not secure. This is the case with almost all of our clients' websites.  Browsers block those files when they are requested by a secure template. Your template can't get to the files to make it beautiful, and that's why it looks pretty bad looking when it's previewed.

      The solution is to copy all of these files from your website and store them onto Salsa. When that happens, then they automatically become secure files. Browsers will not block secure files, and our template will look a lot better after this happens.

      Downloading Files

      Click on the Options tab in the template editor window.


      Click the button. Clicking this button tells Salsa to go to your website and retrieve the files that the template needs. As each file is copied over, Salsa stores it, and gives it a secure URL. The non-secure URL is removed from the template and the new, secure URL is put in its place.


      This process is repeated for all of the files that your template needs so it can take some time. Don't navigate away from the page until it reloads with a list of items downloaded.

      But what happens if...

      From time to time, Salsa's file copying tool can't retrieve files from a website. This is usually due to a security problem that Salsa's app runs into when it tries to read a file. When this happens, files do not get copied to Salsa.  Previewing your template may be a disappointment -- it will still look essentially the same. If this happens to you, then please gather this information:

      1. your organization_KEY
      2. your chapter_KEY if you are in a chapter of a large organization,
      3. the template_KEY for the newly extracted template, and
      4. a description of the problem.

      Please send this information to us at and we'll be glad to help.

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