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    Signup pages

    In This Article:


      When to use it

      Signup pages give you a simple way to allow supporters to enter their information into your supporter database on a page that matches the look and feel of your own website.  Signup pages can be used for email signup, volunteer signup, or for any purpose that requires a custom form.

      How to get there

      Navigate to the Website package and click the Signup Page option under Web Pages.


      Signup Page: Content

      Reference Name is entirely an internal name, invisible to the public. Use organized, specific titles such as May 2015 Supporter Signupto make sorting and locating easier.


      Title is the public facing display title for the page, it will show up at the very top of the page and on the browser tab (as long as a title isn't specified in your template).


      Header text and information appears at the top of the finished signup page, it will appear below the Title. Use the WYSIWYG editor to edit text and insert/upload images, or click the Source button and paste in HTML code directly.


      Signup Page: Supporter Info

      • You can add more fields, including custom fields, by clicking Add a new field and selecting the new field from the drop-down menu.
      • You can make any field required by clicking the "required" check box next to it.
      • Remove fields by clicking the button with the minus symbol to the right of the field name.


      To change the order of the fields, Click the Use Field Order Shown Below box, then change the order of your saved fields by click the drag handle next to any field, and holding down your mouse button as you move it up or down the field list.


      Add to these groups

      Choosing one or several groups here will automatically add your supporters to the corresponding groups when they submit the page. (Learn more about groups.)

      1. Click Add a group
      2. Click in the search bar area or the search icon
      3. Find and select the group you want to add


      Optional Groups

      Utilizing this option will add the groups to the public facing page to allow the supporter to choose which groups they want to join.


      Signup Page: Other text

      The Other Text tab allows you to insert some additional text at various places throughout the signup page. These boxes also allow HTML, and since all save the last box ("Content after the submit button") occur within the signup form itself, they can also enable you to insert code that customizes the behavior of the form itself.

      Text before the group selection adds text before the optional groups listed on the page.

      Required Confirmation Textadds text next to a checkbox that will appear below the supporter fields. This box will be a required field, so the supporter will have to check it to submit the page.

      Content before the submit button appears above the submit button.

      Content after the submit button will appear below the submit button.


      Signup Page: Follow-up

      Redirect Path

      This field allows you to specify the web address to which your registrant will be redirected after completing the signup page. Use a full url -- e.g., and not


      In the Assign Email Autoresponses (Triggers) section you can choose what type of automated message the supporter receives after signing up. See the guides on Autoresponses/Email Triggers and Streaming Emails for further information.


      Signup Page: Tags

      This tab allows you to add optional tags to the signup pages -- they function just like optional groups.

      Pre-Tag Text shows above the list of optional tags to select.

      Tags allows you to add one or more tags to the page. Click the +Add a tag button to select an existing tag.


      Signup Page: Options

      For volunteers, request availability If checked, this box causes a set of volunteer availability fields to be requested on the signup page. The options added are not customizable and will store the data collected on the page in the supporter_volunteer database table. You will only be able to get to this information with a custom report.


      Do not add without confirmation will require a double-opt in by the new supporter to actually join your list: after signing up on this page, s/he will have to confirm by clicking a link in an email message.

      If you click this box, you must set up the email confirmation messages as a trigger.  Read the full instructions before using this feature.

      Maximum field width enables you to control the span of input fields on the signup page. You may want to use it if you have a narrow template. If left blank, fields are set to 22 characters wide by default.

      Signup Page: Built in tracking

      Often, Salsa users will repurpose sign up pages in other ways than just signing up new supporters - such as a quick survey, or as a follow-up page to collect more information on supporters who just took action. To allow you to easily find everyone who completed a particular sign up page, Salsa will automatically add a tag to any supporter who finishes a sign up page. The tags take the form of: signup:page#### Where #### is the sign up page key number.



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      • This page loses me at step 6.  Where do I add the questions?  Thanks.

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      • Is there a way to order the groups to show up a certain way on the sign up pages? thanks

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      • Hi Lisa,

        There is not currently a way to re-order groups on a sign up page.

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      • We're getting a lot of spambots signing up through our email list signup form. Is there an option to implement CAPTCHA or some other mechanism to eliminate (or reduce) spam?

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      • Hi Amanda,

        Try including the following code in the source code of the Content tab's "Header" section:


        <div class="memberCode"> Optional Member Code <input name="first\_name\_949" value=""/></div>

        From this page:

        This section is invisible to users through style sheets, but is visible to automated systems. An automated system will generally fill in a value for that field -- which will immediately, and silently, cause the submission to be rejected by the system. No record of this entry will be made, other than an internal log entry. This technique has proven to be quite effective in reducing spam submissions, however it will undoubtedly be worked around by the spammers at some point. Note: Some screen readers for the sight-impaired will also show this field, which is why an innocuous description (Optional Member Code, in this case) is included. This can be any text you would find suitable for screen readers.

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      • Is there any way to see how the page will look from the front end before adding it to a website?

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      • Hi Anna,

        Sure thing!  Just click on "Show Publishing Tools" at the top right of the Sign Up page, and then click on "View Page" in the Publishing tools.  This will open the Sign Up page in a new tab for review.

        show publishing tools.png



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      • This is probably a dumb question, but for some reason I can't even find where to select "Create a sign up page"...could you help me out?

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      • Hi Kaileen,

        It's not a bad question at all!  Sign up pages live in the Website Package.  Click on Website in the right column, expand the list of Signup pages using the little arrow, and then click on add new.


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      • I've created a Signup page for one of our volunteers to use for data entry. We get a lot of contact information on paper, and if he can enter it much easier than using the "Add supporters" form in Salsa. Plus it lets us automatically put them in different groups this way.

        The problem is Salsa keeps trying to save the person's contact information, and any time we go back to the signup page after entering someone's data, it reloads that one person's information. Is there a way to turn this off, or will he just have to keep pressing the "Not <email>? Please click here" link every time? Thanks!

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      • Hi Jonathan,

        Salsa stores information and autocompletes forms to save time for your supporters who are returning to forms multiple times.  This is helpful most of the time, but in the use case you've described it's a bit more of a nuisance.  Our developer support specialist has written an article which explains how to get rid of this message.

        If you need help implementing the steps in this article, just open a support ticket and someone can assist you.

        Best regards,


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      • Hi! Is there a way to change where on the page the sign up section is located? If I have a div aligned page such as below, can I have the sign up also be in this format? I find the sign up to be REALLY ugly! 

        <div style="width:800px; margin:0 auto;">  
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      • Hi, Jamie!

        The usual way to make this kind of adjustment is to add CSS to the template that the signup page uses.  Here's an example of some CSS that would move the form in a signup page to the center of an 800px area:

        style type="text/css">

          .salsa {

            width: 800px !important;


        .salsa .supporterInfo {

            clear: left;

            width: 400px;

            margin-left: auto;

            margin-right: auto;



        The rule for ".salsa" sets the width of the contents inserted into the template to 800px.  The rules for margin-left and margin-right are the standard "center with the margin" rule that we all use.  Naturally, you'll want to use different settings to make your page look the best that it can, so  consider this a starting point.

        Please send mail to if you have any other questions!




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      • How can you change the design of a sign up page? We use iFrames to embed them due to our website layout and they don't match at all!

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      • Hi, Rachel!

        Probably the easiest way to put Salsa forms into an iframe is to use these steps::

        1. Begin by creating a blank template.  We'll refer to this template as the "Iframe Template".  This template will be used for any pages that are embedded in iframes.
        2. Assign the template to your signup page.
        3. View the signup page in your site.  Usually, the font and alignment are off because the template has nothing in it at all.  the first time that the signup page is viewed with be, as we say, a"less than optimal" experience.
        4. If the signup page looks good, then you can stop here. Good work! I recommend a cookie!
        5. If the signup page does not look right, then edit the Iframe Template and add CSS and <style> tags to make the Salsa page fit in with your website. A good practice is to copy those from a Salsa template that was extracted from your website. The URLs will come from Salsa (A Good Thing) and will be secure (Another Good Thing) and will be pretty easy to copy and paste (Even Another Good Thing.)
        6. Save the template and go back to step (3).

        When you've finished this process, you'll have just enough style declarations in the Iframe Template to make Salsa pages fit in, but not so much that the pages are weird looking. You should also have a template that can be used with donation pages, making your website a way to generate revenue.

        If you have any questions, then please send a message to Please include your organization key and the page on your website where the signup lives, and well be glad to help.



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      • Hi Allen -

        Is there any way to change the format of the sign up page? Like fonts, alignment, etc? I have embedded the form on our site, but it does not match the formatting I would like.

        See example here:

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      • Hi, Rachael!

        I've converted this question into a ticket so that we can work out the details without overflowing the comment area.  The generic answer?  The format of all of Salsa's pages can be changed by adding Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) rules to the page or to the template.  CSS  is the standard stylin' language of the web.  it can be used to change everything about a element, or class of elements, on a page -- font family, font-size, color, backgroud-color -- you name it.

        If elements need to be moved around on the signup page, then that's done with Javascript.   Javascript needs someone that knows the language pretty well and that can use the Document Object Model (DOM) to locate elements.  If you have someone on staff that can knows Javascript, then point that person to us at and we'll be glad to answer any questions.  if you need that kind of talent and none is available, send us mail at and we'll introduce you to some of our excelent development products.



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      • Hello.

        Is there any way to change words on the form, so that they don't match the fields? For example, if the field is named Organization, can we use the word Congregation on the form? (in our set up, we put the name of the Congregation in the Organization field - but people signing up don't know that).

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      • Hi, Cathy!

        We've documented a way to change labels on a Salsa page here  Please give that a try, then send us mail on if you have any questions.



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