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    News Items

    In This Article:

      The news items feature enables you to provide breaking news relevant to your organization in a static content page. The individual news items also automatically create a "river of news" page listing all your headlines with links to the full stories.

      The url of the page "river of news" page will end with:


      ... where XXXX is the number of your organization. (Older river-of-news urls ending in "news.jsp" are no longer functional, and should be updated.)

      While you can use news items without referencing the "river of news" page, you may find the historical archive of news makes a useful standing link for your site.

      Note: It is your responsibility to establish usage rights for any content you post! If you intend to use news items to reprint copyrighted press stories, we suggest using only a small excerpt consonant with a doctrine such as Fair Use, followed by a link to the full article. 

      You'll also notice a box in the corner of the screen which enables you to:

        • View the page as it currently appears to visitors;
        • Change the design template branding your page:


      The news item builder's tab, Content, configures the basic appearance of the news item:



      The public name of the news item will appear as a banner headline atop the page (in h3 HTML style). This will also set the HTML "title" element of the web page, meaning that the name you place here will generally appear as the page's name in most browser tabs or panes.



      Date the news item using Salsa's built-in calendar picker. (If adding by hand, enter using the format yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm.)


      Short Description

      Use this field for a quick summary (we suggest no more than a sentence) of the news item. The "Short Description" field is not used on the news item page itself, but is used to populate the "river of news" listing of all news items.



      Use this field for the main content of the page, generally the news article itself. It can be HTML-styled using the WYSIWYG editor, including images, links, and video embeds.


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