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    Directory Listing

    In This Article:

      Directories are a tool that allow you to make a portion of your Salsa supporter list searchable through a public-facing web page.  They're a unique type of page:  most Salsa forms write the supporter's information into the database as an input.  Directories enable your supporters to query and extract information out ofthe database.

      After selecting "Add New" in the Website Management HQ, you will be prompted to the "Content" tab, and will need to fill out four fields:

      • Reference Name: This is the name as it will appear in Salsa (and not on a public page).
      • Search Header: This text appears in the page the end user will see, and should explain to your supporters what the page is for and why they should take action. The text shows up above the form containing the actual campaign letter in the live page, but below the title.
      • Results Header: This text is the main content body in the page the end user will see on the results page.
      • Display Header: The Display page will appear if you click Details in your directory results; this text will appear above your more comprehensive results on the Display page.

      After clicking Save and Continue, you will be directed to a second "Options" tab, where you need to fill out three fields:

      • Select a Group to Search: This menu allows you to select one (and only one) group that the directory page will index. Any given search on the directory page will interact with the selected group as that group exists at the moment of the search. If supporters are added to or removed from the target group, they will likewise be added to or removed from an applicable search result. Depending on your needs for the directory page, you may also need a plan for keeping the group current. Be conscientious in your selection: be sure not to expose your supporters' private information to public searches without their knowledge and consent.
      • Search Fields: Select one or more fields that will be available on the Search page for your users to search on by selecting them in the Search Fields box.
      • Results Field: Select one or more fields that will be shown in overview fashion on the Results page by selecting them in the Results Fields box.You can also customize which fields will display in the results. You don't need to show all or any of the fields that the user searched on - you might want to allow full address searching, but return only a first name, last name and e-mail address in your results. Keep in mind that this page will be displaying results in a grid form for all the hits returned by the search - you'll probably want to use only 2-4 of the most essential fields (e.g., First Name, Last Name, City, State, Zip, E-mail, or Phone).
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      • Can the directory function show custom fields? It appears that it does not, as they don't show up in the results fields page at least.

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      • Jesse, that's a great question, and if you would still like some more information on that please email and our developer specialist can provide further details.

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      • Apologies, Jesse, I mixed up my response with another page. It does not display the custom fields, but we do have that issue open with our developers and will hopefully have it fixed in future versions of Salsa. Thanks so much for bringing that to our attention!

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