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    In This Article:

      Postcard pages take the capabilities of Tell-a-Friend pages, and mix in an image - so that your supporters can send one another pictures you suggest, linking back to your page or anywhere else you want to send them. Remember when these were hot back in 2006? We do too! The function is still here if you feel like using it.


      If this page belongs to a particular chapter of your organization, this field will indicate that association.  Although the chapter identity can be edited, doing so will remove a page from the previous chapter's headquarters -- so be sure you really want to do so before changing this field.


      The subject of the email sent through the postcard page.


      The header text will appear in the email that is sent through the Postcard Page, above the image you include.

      Postcard Image URL

      Enter the URL of the image you'd like to include in your postcard here. You can place the image online through the Salsa image directory, but the image need not be located here - any URL is fine.

      Postcard Target Page

      To have the postcard image take people to a specific location when clicked (like a signup page, or your website), enter the URL here. If no URL is entered, the image will not be hyperlinked.

      One Column

      This checkbox constrains the Postcard Page content to a single column, inside the insertable area of the template you choose.

      Redirect Path

      You can enter a URL here where your supporters will be taken after completing the page. This could be your homepage, or another action page, or any location you choose.


      To brand your page appropriately, you can choose by clicking on the appropriate thumbnail one of the web templates you've created, which will then act as a wrapper for the page's entire content. If you don't choose a specific template, your Default Template will be used.

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