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    Thank You/Landing Pages

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      When to use it

      Thank you pages are simple landing pages, generally used as a redirection from another page where a user takes some sort of action. For example, you might have a donation page which redirects to a special thank you page after a successful donation.

      You can create a distinct thank you page for each campaign to increase your donor cultivation. Here's an example thank you page that's specific to a fundraising page asking one-time donors to become sustaining donors.


      How to get there

      Navigate to the Website Management package and click on the Thank you pages link listed in the Web Pages section.


      Reference Name

      This field is a reference that will appear internally within your Salsa headquarters for identification purposes, and will not be shown to your supporters.


      HTML Content

      This is where the thank you message is drafted. You can use the WYSIWYG to format the content or edit the content directly in the source view.

      One additional feature to Thank You pages is they allow merge fields to be contained in the content. Place the cursor where you want the merge field to be placed and then select it from the HTML_Content dropdown.


      If you use merge fields on your Thank You page though you need append your page URL with the merge fields you want to be passed to the Thank You page. Using the above example, this is what the page URL would look like:[[First_Name]]&Last_Name=[[Last_Name]]&Email=[[Email]]

      A bit more information can be found in our Merge Field documentation.

      Show Tell-a-Friend

      This option allows you to incorporate an existing Tell-a-Friend page's content into the Thank you Page, which will appear after the HTML content you've specified.

      It is unchecked by default, in which case the Thank You page will be strictly static content.

      Tell-a-Friend page to show

      If you're including a Tell-a-Friend page, choose it here by selecting it from the dropdown menu.


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