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    Video Feed

    In This Article:

      The video feed allows you to add direct video feed into your website. After accessing the Video Feed option through the Website Management HQ, you will be prompted to fill out four fields:

      • Video Title: This will be the name connected to your video on your website.
      • Video URL: If the video is already online somewhere (like YouTube, for example), then you can simply plug in the URL here to make it appear on your website.
      • Video Image: If you have a non-web based video you would like to upload on to your site, you can add new video either through the Video Feed interface (see next bullet point) or upload via the images and files folder. You can then select the new Salsa-based URL and plug it into this field.
      • Upload A New Video Image: This allows you to upload new video through the Video Feed interface.

      There are only two fields to configure. You'll also notice a box in the corner of the screen, which enables you to:

      • View the page as it currently appears to visitors;
      • Change the design template branding your page.
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