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    Upload images or files to Salsa

    In This Article:

      Uploading images and files

      Note:  You can use free tools to resize images before you upload them to Salsa.  If you're using a PC, use Microsoft Paint and if you're using a Mac, use Preview. Anyone can use PicResize:  a free, web-based tool. For more tips on formatting images, see Formatting Files for Email below.

      1. Navigate to the Website package.
      2. Click the subnavigation link for Images and Files.
      3. Click , find your file or image in the file browser, and then click .
      4. When the upload has completed, the Salsa-hosted link to your image/file will be seen next to the text "Most recent upload:", which you can copy and then use in your emails or pages:
      5. Right-click on the link and choose "Copy Link (Location)" to copy the link to your clipboard for pasting into other locations:
      6. If you need to locate the image/file at a later time, the thumbnail gallery of your files are listed in alphabetical order; you can either skip to the corresponding page or search for the name by entering your search term and clicking :


      Formatting Files for Email

      A few tips for formatting your images (before you upload them) if you're going to use them in an email blast. The screenshot shows how you might format your image in a free tool called PicResize.

      • Ensure there are no spaces or weird characters (i.e. &) in the file names 
      • Make sure the file size is under 100 KB
      • Match the dimension of the image you're uploading to the dimensions recommended in your email template.


      Organizing images and files into folders

      Salsa usually doesn't recommend usage of file folders because there is not a direct Salsa HQ page on which these folders can be managed.  All management of folders (and the images and files within them) must happen through the WYSIWYG editor on a Salsa page.

      Click on the image icon in the WYSIWYG editor menu. Click the Browse Server button and the editor displays a typical-looking file selection dialog.


      Create a folder or select one of the existing folders.


      Select a folder before uploading a file or image.  The file or image will be uploaded into the selected folder.  

      Note:  There is no way to remove a folder or an image.  There's also no way to download a file or folder from this tool.  If you need to recover a file, add the file to a public-facing page and use the browser's "Save the image" command.

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