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    How to assign a template to a single page

    In This Article:

      Most Salsa content is created through workflows which include an option to change the template for that a particular page.  Changing the template puts the page into the middle of the assigned template.  When the page is displayed, it will take on the look-and-feel of the assigned template.  This article shows you how to assign a template to a page.



      There is a known issue in Salsa HQ you'll need to avoid -- sometimes changing the template does not "stick".  The workaround is to refresh the editor screen before clicking the "Show Publishing Tools" button.  Use the Refresh icon in the browser, or tap the F5 key.  The page will refresh and you'll be able to assign the template.


      After saving your page, click on the blue "Publishing Tools" button shown on the right:



      Click on the "Show Publishing Tools" button.  The links for publishing tools will appear on the left side of the resulting window. Find the "Change" link:.


      If there is not a "Change" link then your organization or chapter only has one chapter.  You'll need to add another template to continue this process. 

      if the "Change" link appears, then click it.

      If you do not have a "Publishing Tools" button, then look for the yellow box in the upper right corner of the page. Click on the "Change" link there.


      In both cases, Salsa will display an array of templates.


      Simply choose the template that you want to assign by clicking on the template thumbnail. Salsa will confirm your choice by putting a red box around the thumbnail. Save your choice by clicking the  "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

      Now your page has been assigned a new template, and all of your other pages will continue to use either the default template or templates that were  assigned to those particular pages.

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      • The "Current Template" and "Short URL" options do not appear under Publishing when I edit our Tell-a-Friend page.  Are these options unavailable for Tell-a-Friend pages, or perhaps they've been disabled for chapter access by our national organization.

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      • Hello, Albert,

        The "Current Template' option does not show up when there is only one template in an organization or chapter.  The prompt appears when another template is added.  If you have a new template for the Tell-a-Friend page, then add it to the list of templates first and you'll be able to assign it.

        The Tell-a-Friend page does not have a  built-in way to shorten the URL.  You might consider using the services of a URL shortening company like or as an alternative.

        If you have any other questions, please send them in a message to, and we'll be glad to answer them.




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