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    Tell a Friend Pages

    In This Article:


      When to use it

      Tell a Friend pages allow your supporters to spread your message for you.  Salsa provides a simple form which allows supporters to input email addresses, sending a customizable message to those recipients.


      How to get there

      Navigate to the Website Management package and then click the Tell A Friend Pages option under Web Pages.


      How to create the page:

      Configuring the page

      • Reference Name - An internal reference for you to identify the page.  End-users will never see this.
      • Title - The public name of page which will appear at the top of the published page (as an h2)
      • HTML Content - This content appears below the title and above the configurable email text.  This is a good place to describe what users should be telling their friends about!


      Configuring the email 

      • Email subject - This is the email subject you suggest, but it will be editable by the supporter who is actually sending the email
      • Email Body - This is the email text you suggest, but it will be editable by the supporter sending the email
      • Uneditable Content (on the "Options" tab) - This is the email text which will NOT be editable by the supporter sending the email


      Other Settings

      • Redirect Path - After supporters submit the Tell a Friend form, they will be redirected to the page entered here.

       Tell a friend about what?

      An email blast

      To generate a tell a friend link for emails, create a link following this example: 

      <a href="mailto:Enter e-mail address here?subject=FWD: [[Subject]]&body=I thought you might be interested in this message http://XXXXXXXXXXXX/o/YYYY/t/0/blastContent.jsp?email_blast_KEY=[[email_blast_KEY]]">Forward to a Friend</a>

      The stuff in the Xs should be your base URL and/or node and the Y's should be your organization_KEY.  Where do you find this? Well, to make it easy on yourself, go to the Blast Archives list under the Email Blast package . Once you're there, under the heading "View Your Email Blasts" you'll see a link listed, looking something like That's the link you need to work with. 

      Take that URL and put ?email_blast_KEY=[[email_blast_KEY]] at the end of it, and also insert /t/0/ in front of the past that says blastContent

      Finally, paste all of that into the sample link provided above. You can then insert this link into your email blast content. Salsa will put the email blast key of the email into the dynamic content field at the end automatically, and then the link will be able to function. 

      Curious about the extra /t/0/ in there? That extra part of the URL tells Salsa not to load your default web template when loading the email blast for web display. The link will still work without the /t/0/ but it'll probably look unpleasant. (Try it out and see.)

      An advocacy action

      On the Follow-up tab, select "Redirect to a Tell a Friend Page."


      A donation page

      After making a donation, users will be redirected to the URL entered here.  You may enter a Tell a Friend page if you wish.



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      • I'm not sure which metaphor applies best: peeling an onion, unpacking a convoluted concept, or the one about the boy digging out a stable - sure he'll find a pony in there somewhere - but this page helped me wrap up my first solo Action Alert!

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      • Thank you for the feedback Brian.  Glad we could help!

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      • Is it possible to include a link in the emails that are sent through the tell-a-friend page. The box for the email body doesn't seem to support HTML content.

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      • Hi Adam,

        The Email Body field does not include a WYSIWYG editor, but you can still manually code a link.  Here's some sample content:


        I typed this code into the email body and sent myself an email.  The email I received looked like this and the link worked. 


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      • The Captcha prompt says "Type the two words", but there's only one number in the image!  This is true in your illustration as well as when actually editing a Tell-a-Friend page.  But maybe that's a bug in Captcha that you cannot control?

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      • Hi Albert,

        An update to Captcha is causing this confusion, but if you'd like to fix it, our support guru Allen wrote these handy instructions to override the "two words" prompt.  The instructions are pretty clear, but if you need his help you can submit a support ticket for assistance.

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      • Where do you create the tell a friend page? How do you attach a link in an email blast?

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      • Meg,

        Tell a friend pages are created in the website package. Use the navigation at the right to go to "Website" and you'll see a list of pages you can create and edit (some of the most useful are tell a friend pages and signup pages).

        To add a link to a tell a friend page in an email blast, take a look at my comment from December 8, 2014.

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      • Hi. I tried to add code to the email body as you suggested to Adam, but the code itself just showed up in the email. Any thoughts on what I did incorrectly. Here'e the code I used. <p>Click< a href=> HERE </a>to take action! </p>


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      • there seems to be a space between the < and the a should be

        <a href="http://dddddd">

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