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    How to edit a template

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      Have you ever gotten a reply to a service ticket, or seen an article in Salsa Commons, that says "Edit a template?"  And not known how to do that?  Then read on!

      Starting from the Dashboard

      Here are some steps that you can use to edit one of your templates.  This process starts on the Dashboard page -- the one that you see when you first log in.

      1. Look in the menu on the right-hand side of the Dashboard.  Locate the Website item and click on it.


      1. When the Website page appears, look in the menu on the right again.  Locate the Template item and click on that.


      1. The next page shows a matrix templates. Choose the template to edit by using the thumbnail or the title. To edit the template, click on the Edit link for the template that you'd like to edit.  If you want to edit the default template, then click on the Edit link above the template with a red box around it.


      1. The next page contains the template.  It's in HTML, so you'll see a lot of text.
      2. Start editing!

      Starting from a page editor

      If you are editing a page and want to edit the template assigned to that page, then you can use these steps.

      1. Click on the blue "Publishing Tools" button


      1. Click on the the Change link.


      1. If there is not a Change link then your organization or chapter only has one template. You'll need to edit the default template. Click here to learn how to edit the default template.
      2. A dialog will appear that shows all of the templates for your organization (or chapter).  Look for the one that has a red square around the thumbnail.  That's the one that needs to be edited.


      If you do not see a template with a red square, then choose the first template in the list.

      1. In either case, click on the Edit link just above the thumbnail.
      2. The page that appears contains the template.  It's in HTML, so you'll see a lot of text.
      3. Start editing!


      If you have any questions, then please gather this information

      Send all of this information to, and we'll be glad to help.

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