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      A Salsa upload page let's you give your supporters a place to upload an image.  For example, a photo of a rally or meeting, the effects of environmental policies, or animal sightings.  The images are stored with the upload page and can be used in Salsa public facing pages.

      Creating an upload page

      The first step is to navigate to the list of upload pages.  Upload pages appear on the Website management page


      To view the upload pages, locate the item named "Upload Pages", and click on the triangle just to the left of the item.


      To see a list of all of the upload pages, choose the "list all" link.  To edit an existing page, click on the "View and Edit" link for the page to edit.


      For now, we'll focus on creating a page.  Do that by clicking on the "add new" link



      The first step in configuring an upload page is to associate a signup page.  Supporters are the only people that can use an upload page.  If folks who are not supporters want to use the page, then Salsa will need a signup page to add them to your supporter database.  Do that by choosing a signup page from the dropdown:


      If you choose "Create New", then you will see a window open that allows you to create a new signup page.  Click here to learn more about creating and configuring signup pages.

      Once you've chosen a signup page, the next step is to give your new upload page a name.


      The "Reference Name" is the name that you and the other campaign managers can use to refer to this page.  It should be a descriptive name to make it easier to remember what the upload page is used for.

      The "Title" appears at the top of the signup page when it's displayed.

      The next step is to fill in the upload page Header.  This field typically is used to describe what the upload page is used for.  It's also helpful for setting Guidelines for the page.



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