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    Unsub: Simplify your unsubscribe page

    In This Article:


      One of our long-term clients pointed out that there's a lot of stuff on an unsubscribe page that either doesn't need to be there, or can be replaced by some well crafted copy. Specifically

      • Hide a solitary "Everything" radio button,
      • Hide the cancel button, and
      • Replace the first line with a better explanation

      The result was a script that turns an unsubscribe page like this


      to a compact and usable page like this:


      If you'd like to do the same thing, or this looks like a good starting place, then read on!


      The solution is to add a some script, HTML and CSS to the template used by your unsubscribe page.  Here are some steps that you can use:

      1. Edit the default template.
      2. Use the browser's search tool to find the </body> tag.
      3. Insert a blank link just before the </body> tag.
      4. Click here to see the page where the solution lives.
      5. When the page appears, click on the Raw button. That will open a window that contains just the solution.
      6. Copy the contents of the window and close it.
      7. Paste the copied text into the newly inserted line in the default template.
      8. Customize the message at the top of the text (below).
      9. Save the template.
      10. Test!


      The message that appears in the default template is fully customizable. Here's a summary of the things can be changed.


      1. If you decide to use the message as is, then change YOUR ORGANIZATION to your organization's name.
      2. The phrase {{email}} is where the script will put the supporter's email address. It can be placed anywhere. Just be careful to include the curly braces!


      If you have any questions, then please gather this information.

      • Your organization_KEY
      • Your chapter_KEY if you are in a chapter
      • The template_KEY of the modified  template.
      • The unsubscribe_page_KEY of an unsubscribe page that uses the modified template.
      • A screenshot, if possible

      Send this information to, and we'll be glad to help.

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