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    Donation Reports

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      When to use it

      Reporting on donations can be done through the built-in reports in the donation package, you can also use those reports as basis for custom reports that will provide unique options for your organization.

      How to get there

      Navigate to the Donation package and click the Built-in Reports link.


      Built-in Donation Reports

      The reports are listed alphabetically and are named according to what data will be returned and under what conditions/groupings. Simply click the Run Report link in the first column for any report and you'll see your results:


      Some of the reports have user-selected conditions, so after clicking Run Report, you may be prompted to enter a selection. For instance, some reports ask you to enter a starting and ending date for a date range:


      Editing built-in reports

      What if the built-in report gives you everything you need, except it's missing just one particular column? Using the Clone and Edit link for the report will create a copy of the built in report which can be altered to your needs. You can find this link after you run a report:


      After clicking the Clone and Edit link, you'll be taken to the Properties tab of the Custom Report editor tool so that you can make changes to your copy. Further information on adding/editing custom reports can be found in our Custom Report Documentation.

      To find your cloned reports the next time you visit Salsa, go to the Reports & Statistics package and click the List Custom Reports link.  You'll see a list of custom reports which have been built in your account (this includes the cloned reports you've modified). Click on the Details link to run or edit any of these custom reports.


      Donation Reports

      The donation table has some unique fields to keep in mind when creating custom reports.

      Columns you may want to add

      Donation Key: The unique identifying number Salsa assigns to each donation. This is the most distinctive value on which group your report.

      RESULT: Stored as a number in our database, different numbers indicate different response messages. The two most important values are:

      • -1 = Denotes either a test transaction, or a successful offline donation. That is, the processing (deposited check/cash, credit/debit card run through a non-Salsa service) happens outside of Salsa but the record is logged in Salsa.
      • 0 = Successful online donation. A donation processed through a public facing Salsa page. 

      Any other RESULT values may be specific to your merchant gateway. Refer to your merchant gateway's documentation or review our page linking to merchant gateway error codes.

      Transaction_Type: Transaction Types include 'Donation,' 'Purchase,' 'Payment,' 'Recurring,' 'Other,' 'New Member,' 'Renewal,' 'Gift Membership,' 'Event Fee,' 'Publication Purchase,' 'Testing.'

      Form_Of_Payment:  Values include 'Credit Card,' 'Check,' 'Cash,' 'Other,' 'Unknown.'

      Conditions you may want to add

      Since you might often want a report on all your successful, non-test donations, online or off, you might want to tweak reports conditions to incorporate both the RESULT codes 0 and -1, while excluding test donations. To do just that, try these report conditions:


      General donation report tips

      The report builder can seem rather overwhelming when you first check it out, but we've learned a few things which may help make it all a little less daunting:

      1. Grouping by key numbers is often most efficient. 
      2. The more tables that are being used for the report, the more complex the query will be, so keep this in mind when you're trying to run the final report.
      3. If you're not entirely sure how to find the information you need, try requesting a wide variety of columns before specifying conditions. You can narrow things down more easily if you can see more details first.

      Export Reports

      We have a detailed guide on the export process in another documentation section.

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