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    Advocacy Reports

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      When to use it:

      Each action created will have its own unique report providing details on how many actions were taken, and who the messages went to. Use these built in reports to analyze how well the action did or export the information to share it.

      How to get there:

      You will find the report for each action when listing all action pages. Navigate to the Advocacy 3 package and click the List Actions link.


      In the action list you will find a Report link next to each action.


      Targeted Actions

      There are three types of Targeted Actions:

      1. Targeted Actions
      2. Multi-Content Targeted Actions
      3. Blind Targeted Actions

      The reports for Multi-Content Targeted, Targeted, and Blind actions follow the same format.  If you click on the Report link for any targeted action, you will see a report that looks like this:


      There are 3 sections in the report:

      • Action Overview
      • Target Details
      • Content Details

      Action Overview

      The Action Overview is a handy way to see how the action has been used.  Each row contains a different summary for the action. 

      The Action Overview also has links at the top so that you can

      • View the action exactly as your supporters are seeing it
      • Edit the action
      • Return to the list of Actions

      Target Details

      The Target Details section focuses on the targets that you chose for your action:


      Each row in the Target Details summarizes the messages sent to a single target by your supporters. 

      the columns are self explanatory.  However, there are 3 that need to be described in detail:

      Contact method

      This column holds the method that Salsa used to send your supporters' messages to the contact.  This column will hold one of 3 possible options:

      • Email/webform - Salsa delivered the messages to the target via email or by filling in a webform on the target's website.
      • Fax - Salsa delivered the messages via fax.
      • Black Hole - Salsa did not deliver any messages because the action was being used in test mode.


      The column holds the number of messages that Salsa sent to the target.

      Export PDF's

      This column contains a link to the messages that your supporters sent to the target.  The contents of each message is exactly what the supporter sent, and will contain any changes or additional comments.  Click the link to download a PDF copy of the messages.

      Export Text

      This column contains a link to the messages in text format, click the link to open a new tab in your browser containing the letter information.


      By clicking on the Export link in the Target Details section, Salsa will prompt you to download an excel file.


      Content Details

      The Content Details section of the report shows how many supporters sent the message:


      Each line contains a single message, and how many of those messages were sent.  If you click on the link in the Subject column, then the message description appears including a link to the last three action takers.


      If you click on the Report link for a petition, you will see a report that looks like this:


      The descriptions are self-explanatory.  If there is a difference between the numbers, you may want to edit the petition to remove duplicates before you submit it.

      The Action Overview also has links at the top so that you can

      • View the petition exactly as your supporters are seeing it
      • Edit the petition
      • Return to the list of Actions
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      • When I export the Target Details csv, it doesn't include the PDF column. I really need to see which supporter wrote what. How do I find this?

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      • Hi Deidre,

        That section is a bit unclear (I will fix that in a moment). The PDF column is referring to the reports page in Salsa, as seen here:



        The .csv export itself does not include links to those PDFs, as that would present a security issue for our users. Sorry for the confusion!

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      • Thank you!

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      • I need a list of the people who signed a petition, how do I export that so that we can do a petition delivery action with this list in hard copy to hand to the targets? I will write a support ticket on this question, but I think this is something that others would want to know, too. -Cathy Stanford, Rutgers AAUP-AFT, Salsa AFT 5894

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      • Hi Catherine,

        Great question, thanks for asking it. First, navigate to the setup workflow of the Petition in question.

        You'll skip to the "Signatures" tab, then find the small blue link listing the number of signatures, as seen in this screenshot:



        On the next page, click the View and export signatures link:



        And then lastly, on the following page, find the Export link to be able to export as CSV, Excel, or other formats:



        Hope this is helpful. Let me know if you have further questions.

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      • Is there a way to see the total number of actions taken by month for a targeted action? We are trying to do some quarterly reports and some of our advocacy campaigns carry over depending on when they were originally written.


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      • I am using a targeted action with two target groups: US House and US Senate. It pulls through name, district, phone and fax numbers. How can I pull through representatives' email address as well?

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      • Is there a way for me to upload a list and then parse it out it by congressional district? This list would have zip codes in it.

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      • Dear Jennifer, Eli, and Ken - Sorry it took so long for us to get back to you on here, but if you still have questions on building out advocacy reports, do let us know at We do have additional documentation about building out custom reports here. Thanks!

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      • How can I get the date attached to this report? To better analyze the success of our messaging, I need to know on what days the e-mails were sent to Congress. Thank you.

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