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    In This Article:

      This provides a list of common database tables used with corresponding Salsa features. It is intended to assist you with determining what tables you will need to select when using the Advanced Object menu in the first step of the custom report creation process.

      - action references the details of the particular action page
      - supporter_action contains the supporter information and action key
      - supporter_action_content has letter detail
      - supporter_action_comment has petition comments
      - supporter_action_target returns a record for each targeted recipient

      Custom fields:
      - supporter_custom contains values of the custom fields per supporter
      - custom_column has the name and type of custom field per organization
      - custom_column_option lists the option values for multiple choice fields

      Note: Custom field responses may also be stored through tables such as supporter_custom2 or supporter_custom3. These details can be confirmed through the custom_column table, however. Additionally, custom field information is included by default when running a report on supporter information.

      - donate_page details donation page information/defaults
      - donation individual donor information/matches to donation page

      - email_blast  stores all the info about the blast (content/targeting, etc.)
      - email  This table stores the Status (Open/Sent/Clicked) and links the email blast to the supporter record, so there's one email record per supporter per email.

      - supporter_event links your Event to the attendees
      - supporter_invite includes guest details corresponding with the supporter_KEY for your attendees
      - event stores the name and other details for your event
      - distributed_event details the settings for a distributed event
      - event_fee gives your event fee types and descriptions
      - donation includes transactional data for any paid events

      - groups has the group name
      - supporter_groups matches supporter record to groups record by key

      P2P pages:
      - my_donate_page includes the data for your p2p campaign
      - supporter_my_donate_page details which supporter made which page
      - supporter_my_donate_page_donation links specific donation keys to the corresponding p2p pages

      - questionnaire contains basic questionnaire information/header/fields
      - questionnaire_question details each individual question
      - supporter_questionnaire_question lists each response per supporter per question

      - store_item contains store item information
      - storefront has storefront details, including which items are on the page and which fields are requested
      - store_item_category store items can be grouped by categories (Books, tickets, etc.), but this isn't often used
      - donation_store_item matches the donation with the store item - probably the most useful for reports, as it brings back a count
      - supporter_address stores all secondary address information. Billing addresses are recorded as type = "Billing"

      - tag has the tag name/tag-specific information
      - tag_data tells what tables are tagged, using a key number for each table
      - database_table gives more user-friendly information regarding the tag_data table, especially the table's name

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      • Is there a table that records WHEN a supporter is added and/or removed from a group?

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      • Hi, Sarah:

        There is a Last Modified field in the supporter_groups table which will tell you when a supporter was most recently added to or removed from a group.

        Best regards,


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      • Hello again,

        A quick correction here - the Last Modified field records when a supporter is added to a group, but when the supporter is removed from a group, the supporter_groups record is deleted.  So the date removed is not stored.  Sorry about the confusion!

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      • I'm doing some donation forensics and came across -1 as a returned value for donation_page key.  Does this mean that the donation was entered into Salsa manually from the dashboard?

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      • Hi Chris,

        When you're reviewing a donation record, and a donation_page key has a value of -1 that usually means one of two things:

        1. The donation was entered manually via Salsa HQ
        2. The donation was created through an import (which may have been improperly formatted).  You might want to review our documentation on importing donations and check with our support team if you have more detailed questions.
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      • Which term do I use to find people who have completed a certain questionnaire?


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