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    Shortening your urls on templated pages

    In This Article:

      Short URLs for templated pages

      Often the URLs produced by Salsa are can be a bit on the unwieldy side. If you need a url that's shorter or a bit more descriptive of the page's purpose, you can use the "Short URL" feature to set your own customized URLs for any templated page.

      "Templated pages" refers to pages that you create where you can set the template through the Salsa workflow, such as the pages created in the Website Features or Website Management tab (like signup pages and news items).

      Note, however, that short urls are currently not available for Actions, Events, and Questionnaires.

      Creating the short URL

      The workflows for all of these pages contain a yellow box at the top, where you can set the template and the short URL. 

      Image 1. The template and URL box:

      To set the short URL, click "Create" next to "Short URL". Short URLs must be a single case-insensitive word (but dashes are allowed). So, for example, you might create the short URL for a sign up page to be "join-us". Fill in your custom name and click "Save" to set the short URL.

      Image 2. Specifying your short URL:



      Once a short URL has been created, the "View Page" link will go to a new short URL. The default 'long' URL will still work; however, only one short URL is allowed for each page.

      Details on URL variations and page types

      If your organization uses a Base URL, the short URL for your pages will look like:

      Otherwise, it will look like:

      Here, TYPE is the type of page, like "content_item" or "signup_page". NAME is the short URL name you chose.

      The page type is included in the URL so you that can have different kinds of pages with the same name.

      For example, you could have a signup page with the short URL "join-us", at
      and also a Content Item with the short URL "join us" at

      If you know that you only have one page in your account with a given short URL, you can exclude the TYPE. Just manually change the URL from 

      The short URLs are case-insensitive, so you can access the same page at 

      Adding tags to short URLs

      Do you want to add tags to your short urls? The regular "&tag=tag_name" syntax that works on long urls will not work in this instance. You'll want to instead add "?tag=tag_name" to the end of the generated short URL, like:

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      • Is there a way to use shortened URLs for storefronts?

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      • Hi Marcy - The short url options aren't available on all types of Salsa pages, unfortunately. My best recommendation for a short url with your storefront pages would actually be to set up a redirect url through your DNS. Others have, for example, set up urls like "" and then that have short url redirect to the full, long version of the Salsa url. I hope this helps! Thanks for your post.

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      • Hi Chelsea, 

        Just double checking since it's been a while since the comments above: any chance Action pages are now customizable? 

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      • Hi Emily,

        Unfortunately, short URLs are still not available on action pages. The best option is still to set up a redirect url through your DNS (as Chelsea described above).

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