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    What's my node URL?

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      Some features in Salsa aren't configured in the Salsa interface, but rather through manual editing of a URL - for example, "View this email as a webpage", or embedding a signup page.

      To do this editing, you'll need to know your node URL. The easiest way to find your node URL is to load up a Salsa page (action page, donation page, signup page, etc.) to get the page's URL.

      For example, here's a registration page URL for Salsa's Community Conference:

      Now we'll trim some of the fat to get the node URL:

      This URL is comprised of several parts:


      http:// - required to properly resolve as an HTML page.

      node/ - this is the domain section. There are many domains used by Salsa (even more if you count branded subdomains), such as,,, and more.

      o/-OrgKey-/ - this section designates your Salsa account through the organization key.

      c/-ChapterKey-/ - this section should only be used by organizations using the Chapters feature of Salsa; otherwise, it should be cut. Similar to the above section, this designates your chapter's identifying key number.

      p/salsa/ - required part of the URL before additional sections which designate the type of Salsa page.

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