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    Default Merge Fields

    In This Article:

      Default Merge Fields


      On this page, you can configure the default values that will appear in e-mail blasts when the requested merge field is not populated for a record. For example, they system will insert "Dear Supporter" for "Dear [[First_Name]]" when there's no first name supplied in the supporter record. 

      To navigate to the "Default Merge Fields" screen:


      Salsa Classic:




      Salsa 2:



      You will then have the following options:




      The current defaults are listed; to replace with your own value, simply replace the content with your own and click the "customize" button.


      For instance, if you wanted to replace the default for "First Name" so that it is "Salsa Supporter" instead of "Supporter", you would type this into the field name and click customize. It will then list your customized field name(s) at the top of the page in Salsa.

      Tip: To test your default merge values, it is highly recommended that you actually submit a blast to a small group consisting of your own test accounts before sending to your complete targeting list. Test blasts process differently than the actual blast submission, so targeting a smaller group will help you to preview exactly how the blast will appear when finally sent.

      Note that Default Merge Fields are used in Email Blasts only. Triggers/Autoresponses that employ merge fields generate those values from the form that launches the autoresponse, not from the supporter table; therefore, autoresponse merge fields will simply be blank when the field is not filled on the form.

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      • This looks very helpful.  Where do I find the page this screenshot is generated from?

      • Hi Cricket,

        Great question - I've updated this doc to include a bit about navigation. You'll click the "Account" link in the upper right of your Salsa HQ, then you'll find a link to Default Merge Fields. Hope that's helpful!

      • Can we use the First_Name as the default and "Salsa Supporter"  for a secondary for constituent records without a first name listed? It's not clear if using "Salsa Supporter" as the custom default will override the use of the First_Name merge. 

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