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    Dashboard Overview

    In This Article:

      Dashboard Overview


      A dashboard is your own customizable canvas for you to add, move and remove reports, notes and other nooks and crannies. That page you see after you login? That is your main dashboard.  You also have a unique dashboard for every package you have installed (an Email dashboard, an Advocacy dashboard, a Supporter dashboard, and so on).

      Dashboards are unique to each user account, so when you customize your dashboard, the reports and stickies on your dashboard will look different from those of other administrators or campaign managers.


      Adding items to a Dashboard

      Reports and stickies can be added to each dashboard by selecting them from the Dashboard item menu at the top right of the Dashboard area. 


      To add a Dashboard item, first click its category in the Dashboard item menu...



      ...and then click the name of the item you wish to add to the Dashboard.



      Positioning Dashboard Items

      Once you've added a Dashboard item to your page, you can drag and drop it to change it's position on the Dashboard.


      Removing Dashboard Items

      To remove a Dashboard item, you can close it with the white 'X' button in the top right hand corner.



      Useful Links


      There is also a section of useful links on every dashboard, so that you have access to public links such as your legislative lookup page, the profile manager, email blast archives, actions and events lists, etc.



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