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      Stickies are a tool for adding notes to your dashboards. They can hold reminders to yourself, quick tips to remember, or other information you need handy when you're working.

      Stickies are also useful as an intra-organization communication tool; when you create a sticky note, it will be visible to any campaign manager who logs in to your organization's account. If you need to leave instructions for an intern who's using the system for the first time, or have an off-hours strategy note be available to your west coast web designer when you're not online, Stickies are your best bet.

      Creating Stickies

      There are two ways to create new sticky notes:

      Method 1: The Dashboard Item Menu

      If you click the "Add Content" plus sign in the top right corner of a dashboard, you'll see the Dashboard Item Menu screen appear. If you click the subsection labeled 'Stickies,' one of the options available will be 'Create a new sticky'. Clicking that link will take you to the edit page for a new Sticky note:

      Method 2: The Stickies Menu

      Alternately, you can click the Stickies menu item. In the Dashboard tab sub-navigation menu, the click the "Stickies" link and then click the "add sticky" button. After the page refreshes, you'll see a new, blank Sticky at the end of the list, and you can click the "Details" link next to it in order to add content to your new Sticky.

      Editing Stickies

      Stickies are fairly straightforward -- give them a title and some content, hit submit, and they'll appear as selectable items in the Dashboard Item Menu when you next go to one of your Dashboards.

      Title appears in the colored bar across the top of the Sticky

      Content is the body

      Type lets you select whether your Sticky will display HTML or not. Choosing HTML causes the Sticky to render its content in html, while choosing Normal forces the Sticky to display plaintext. Choosing Raw html will render the sticky in html but without the structure of the box. If you need to show a piece of web content to your designers that you think they should emulate, choose HTML and paste in the source code. If you want the source code itself to be available to them, choose Normal, paste in the content, and the source code will appear as non-rendered HTML.

      Here you can see roughly the same content, in a Normal Sticky (on the left) and an HTML Sticky (on the right):

      Editing is a checkbox which allows you to specify whether or not the Sticky should be editable from the Dashboard. If the box is checked, you'll be able to change the content of the Sticky when it's on the Dashboard, and your changes will be reflected everywhere else that Sticky appears (after the screen is refreshed).

      Adding and Removing Stickies from the Dashboard

      Once the sticky you want to add has been created:

      1. Go to the dashboard where you would like to place the sticky (such as, on the donation dashboard).

      2. Click the "+" symbol located at the top left of the screen. 

      3. Select the sticky from the drop down. Your sticky is now on the dashboard. You can move it around or you can remove it by clicking the "x" in the top right of the sticky's box.

      To remove a Sticky note from a Dashboard, simply click the white close icon in the top right corner of the note.

      Deleting Stickies

      To delete a Sticky note completely, click the Stickies menu item in the Dashboard tab, and then click the 'Delete' link to the right of the Sticky in the list.

      Note that this removes the Sticky note permanently, and it is not retrievable.

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      • In my display there in Not at plus sign in the upper left corner of the dashboard. It is upper right and says add content.

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      • Right you are, Jan - the documentation has been corrected. Thanks!

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      • In a Sticky, how do you make a link to a Salsa page active (i.e. clickable)? When I enter it (regardless of the Sticky type), it shows as text.

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      • Hi Bryan,

        Did you try using HTML code? So for to be clickable, we would enter:

        <a href="">Click here to go to the Salsa Labs homepage.</a>

        Let me know if that takes care of it!

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