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    Manage Campaign Managers

    In This Article:

      Use the Manage Account link to govern campaign manager settings, listed under the little "Gear" icon at the top of the new Salsa interface. If you do not have Super Admin permissions, you will not see this Account link.

      A campaign manager is anyone with login access to your Salsa back end. While many times one login is used for several people within your office, it's generally preferable to create a Campaign Manager for each person.


      Adding and Editing Campaign Managers

      You can add an unlimited number of campaign managers to your account, though it's important to remember to manage who has access to your information.

      After clicking the Account link at the top right of your Salsa interface, you'll see a Salsa Configuration box from which you can click Campaign Managers to access a full list of your Campaign Manager records.



      Click the Add Campaign Manager button at the top right, and a new row will appear at the top of this list.


      You can edit some information directly through the row in the list.  To edit password and permission details, you'll want to click the Details link to the left of your campaign manager record.


      User Information

      Fill out the contact information for the user here. At minimum, you'll want to fill out the email field, since this will be your campaign manager's username. The rest of the fields are essentially informational. Make sure to hit the Save button within the User Information box, before moving on to other sections.


      Change Password

      Enter the new password twice in order to change a campaign manager's password. Once a new user has been assigned a user name and password, they'll be able to log in to the Salsa interface.

      NOTE: The number of dots within the space does not indicate how many characters are in your password.


      Note that only Super Admins can modify their own or other campaign managers' passwords. If Salsa Support is necessary to add or edit a campaign manager record, we must receive written request for the edits from a Super Admin on your account.

      If you would like a campaign manager to have more limited access to the Salsa interface, you'll want to make sure to modify their roles and permissions (see below).

      Assign to Chapter

      Use this feature to assign this campaign manager as a campaign manager of a chapter (which you can select from a drop down). If you want a campaign manager to have access to multiple chapters, more than one campaign manager record will have to be created (one per chapter). This, of course, only applies for accounts which have the chapter functionality in place.


      Manager Type

      There are two types of campaign manager permissions for Salsa. By default, campaign managers will be set to Super Admin, indicating that they have access to all of your Salsa interface, including their own and other campaign manager settings.


      If the manager type menu is set to "Normal", this campaign manager will have limited access to the Salsa interface and will not be able to view the Account settings link. You will want to configure a default role for Normal permissioned campaign managers, which will specify what tabs they can view in the Salsa interface.

      At this time, permissions can not be more granular. It is not possible, for example, to allow access to the Supporter Managment tab, but to limit editing or viewing of data within a supporter record.


      Each Normal permissioned campaign manager should associated with one or more roles, a set of permissions to different Salsa tools and/or different subsets of users defined in the Roles section. (Image 2)

      After creating a role, you can select the role(s) to which the user has access. Changes take place upon the next login.

      Has Access - allows the campaign manager to have access to this role. If more than one role is applied to an account, a drop-down at the bottom of the Salsa interface will allow the campaign manager to switch between roles.

      This is their default Role - Allows you to select a default role which will display when the campaign manager logs in.

      Super Admins may also set their own default roles as they wish, and will have access to all roles which are created. 



      If you have any questions about managing campaign managers, please send us mail on, and we'll be glad to help.

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      • Where do we find out what is in each package for role access? thanks

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      • Hi Chris,

        Unfortunately, we do not have public documentation of the features included in various packages at this time.  If you submit a support ticket (email, our team should be able to help you set up your roles as desired.



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